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any of eight pairs of spinal nerves emerging from the cervical section of the spinal cord

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The duplication of the EJV occurred in 4% of the specimens in this study, furthermore the transverse cervical vein drained into one part of the EJV, while the transverse cervical nerve intertwined with the EJV.
In our study, we also used electrophysiological examination using MEPs following transcranial magnetic stimulation for traumatic cervical syndrome patients, and we found significant elongation in PMCT and/or distal latencies following nerve stimulation at the cervical nerve root or Erb's point in 4 out of 11 patients who had limb symptoms without significant imaging abnormalities but with no obvious CMCT abnormalities [15].
We proceeded to inject to fill the posterior plane of the SCM muscle, where the cervical nerves exist to achieve an effective cervical plexus block and surgical anesthesia.
The phrenic nerve originates from cervical nerve roots C3-5 with the dominant supply coming from C4.
As the exact role of cervical nerve innervation of the trapezius muscle is still unclear, the nerves should be preserved whenever possible [3].
Chinese keywords or English keywords (i.e., 'contralateral c-7,' 'contralateral c7,' 'c7 nerve root,' and 'seventh cervical nerve root') were used.
Avulsion injury of cervical nerve roots: enhanced intradural nerve roots at MR imaging.
They include local symptoms and signs such as head and/ or neck pain (the two most frequent initial symptoms), Horner's syndrome (approximately in 25% of cases), retinal artery occlusion, tinnitus, audible bruit, cranial neuropathies, scalp tenderness, orbital or monocular pain (rare in carotid artery dissections), cervical nerve root involvement (rare in vertebral artery dissection), or more generalized presentations such as cerebral ischemia and infarctions and in the case of vertebral artery dissection, lateral medullary infarction (Wallenberg's syndrome) and other posterior circulation territory infarctions and spinal cord ischemia.
Vertebrogenic Headache: Cervical nerve root irritation, from any reason, may not only cause headaches but also a chronic, generalized hypertonicity with accompanying somatic cervicobrachial symptomatology.
The idea of double crash of a nerve was put forward by Upton and McComas, who demonstrated that up to 70% of patients with the syndromes of carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve compression had also signs of damage to the cervical nerve roots [2].
The cervical nerve plexus is located at the posterior triangle of the neck that is formed by the cervical prevertebral fascia, the paravertebral muscles and the cervical vertebra (5).
Given the location of the tumor in the floor of the neck, it likely originated from a cervical nerve.
" A cervical nerve damaged during infancy hampered my physical capabilities.
If not promptly relieved, shoulder dystocia can result in stretching and avulsion of the cervical nerve root in the child's brachial plexus, the undisputed cause of the child's injury in this case.