cervical canal

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a spindle-shaped canal extending from the uterus to the vagina

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Photon and proton therapies are currently being evaluated for the treatment of primary bony malignancies of the skull base and cervical canal in children.
In instances where the cervical canal was curved, its length was assessed as the sum of the lengths of two contiguous linear segments, placed along the endocervical canal, connecting the external os and the internal os.
Does the cervical canal to body ratio predict spinal stenosis?
Misoprostol has an uterotonic effect with softening and dilation of the cervical canal, and therefore the possibility of infection is lower than if the abortion is induced by manipulation of the cervical canal and insertion of an instrument into the uterine cavity, especially when aseptic conditions are not met.
Sperm are formed in the testicles, develop further in the epididymis, pass through the urethra, into the woman's vagina, through the cervical canal and the uterine cavity, and finally into the fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg.
Large lesions and lesions spreading into the cervical canal cannot be treated with cryotherapy and need to be referred for LEEP.
increased cervical ectopy (a condition in which the lining usually found inside the cervical canal extends onto the cervix's outer surface, where exposure to sexually transmitted pathogens is greater) associated with OC use (14)
The cervical canal is lined with another kind of cell called columnar cells.
Review of the radiographs in this population demonstrated narrowing of the cervical canal compared to a group of asymptomatic controls.
A cervical ectropion can cause bleeding between periods and occurs when delicate cells lining the cervical canal also cover an area on the outer cervix.
Earlier in this century some French gynaecologists had taken samples from the cervical canal at the time the woman was ovulating, as was confirmed by hormonal estimations, and studied it in the laboratory so that some features of their physical and chemical characteristics had been defined.
With an informed consent from these 80 women, CVS was obtained from the cervical canal at ~36 weeks of pregnancy, using a pair of sterilized cotton swabs (Japan Medical Service) at the time of regular antepartum checking.
Conventional specimen collection is a two-step process: first using a spatula to harvest cells from the outer cervix (ectocervix), second using a brush to harvest cells from the less accessible cervical canal (endocervix).
Patients with unyielding cervices preventing access into the cervical canal were termed 'failed MS.
At first, we performed a transabdominal sonography, which was suspicious of cesarean scar rupture; therefore, we further evaluated the cervical canal and cesarean scar by transvaginal sonography.