cervical artery

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an artery that supplies the muscles of the neck

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Cervical artery dissection: predisposing factors, diagnosis and outcome.
Results * Of the 141 patients with cervical artery dissection, 12 had documented chiropractic neck manipulation prior to the onset of the symptoms that led to medical presentation.
Similar to the findings obtained in the present study, literature reports (Glenny, 1945a, 1948a; Erdogan, 2012) also indicate that the common carotid artery gives rise to the internal carotid artery, thyroid artery, vertebral trunk, tracheosyringeal artery and superficial cervical artery.
The genetics of cervical artery dissection: a systematic review.
Extended supraclavicular fasciocutaneous island flap based on the transverse cervical artery for head and neck reconstruction after cancer ablation.
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Antiplatelets versus anticoagulation in cervical artery dissection.
PHILADELPHIA -- Migraine with aura seems to be a risk factor for cervical artery dissection, Dr.
His study of 626 subjects found that migraine and migraine with aura were significantly more common among both men and women who had experienced a cervical artery dissection than among control subjects.
Familial aggregation of cervical artery dissection and cerebral aneurysm.
Ultrasound findings in cervical artery dissection, dural fistula, gomus tumor, and vasculitis are then presented.
Most patients with cervical artery dissection, therefore, are now treated with antiplatelet therapy.