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a poisonous white pigment that contains lead

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It is not surprising then that during the Elizabethan era, a large majority of European women coated their skins with whitening products (powders, paints, whitening lotions/creams) containing such toxic compounds as ceruse, lye, and ammonia (Peiss, 1998; Williams, 1957).
The Bacillus ceruse MS6 a -amylase observed more activated by using Ca2+ and K+ similarly, P.
Ii va scrie la 10 zile dupa ce ceruse azil politic in Turcia, la data de 09.
They use many times representations by Actors, which doe represent very well and to the life, the Actors having very good apparel and well ordered, and fitting as is requisite for the person hee representeth; and they that represent a Womans part, besides the apparel that is requisite for the part hee representeth, they are painted with Stibium and Ceruse.
Ou encore: "Oui, je hais votre ruse, / Vos mensonges, votre art, votre blanc de ceruse, / Le fard qu'effrontement aux crimes vous mettez" CEuvres poetiques 2: 256, 259.
Thomas Raynor, from Benton, and Ceruse Salehy, from Washington, turned the library into a fair to raise cash.