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a common law writ issued by a superior court to one of inferior jurisdiction demanding the record of a particular case

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Falcis, on May 2015 filed a petition for certiorari and asked the SC to declare as unconstitutional Articles 1 and 2 of Family Code, which limit marriage to unions between a man and a woman.
Because he is not getting any leeway before the anti-graft court, he recently filed a petition for certiorari before the Supreme Court, which is an act that gives a higher court the jurisdiction to review a decision of a lower court.
Actually, he said, the court had previously recognized the extent of a certiorari petition when it granted Arroyo's demurrer to evidence despite the rule 'denying a demurrer shall not be reviewable by appeal or certiorari before judgment.
We grant the petitions for certiorari and grant the stay applications in part.
It concludes that the Court generally applies neutral, process oriented decision making in determining whether to grant certiorari in cases that require the Court to engage only in federal Bankruptcy Code statutory interpretation.
Herman previously served as chairman of the Nassau County Bar Association's Committee on Tax Certiorari and Condemnation Law and as vice chairman of the Suffolk County Bar Association's Committee on Tax Certiorari and Condemnation Law.
By denying certiorari in both cases, the Supreme Court has now declined to address whether the revised decisions in Whirlpool and Butler are in fact consistent with Comcast.
Certiorari is an extraordinary writ that is not generally granted for review of nonfinal orders, such as those denying motions to dismiss unless it can be shown that "there is (1) a departure from the essential requirements of law (2) resulting in material injury for the remainder of the case (3) that cannot be corrected on post judgment appeal.
Persuading the Court to grant a petition for certiorari, however,
Given that it is simply the day certiorari was denied (or the day the period for seeking certiorari expired), identifying the moment of finality is ordinarily very easy and, seemingly, not the sort of thing that would reward much study.
The court denied Quest's request for a writ of certiorari as to those portions of the trial court's orders that required production of information from the medical records of Patient X, while protecting Patient X's identity, which could lead to discovery of evidence admissible at trial and be relevant to the mix-up of the tissue samples.
The unique dataset contains the certiorari votes of all Justices for every case between October Term 1986 and October Term 1993 in which one or more Justices voted to grant certiorari or join three other Justices in doing so.