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Synonyms for certification

the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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We offer Pilates Teacher Training through the Power Pilates 600+ hour certification program in our beautiful, fully-equipped Pilates studio.
To find out more about the MTNA Certification Program, visit the website at www.
As part of the agreement, third-party certification teams perform on-the-ground inspections and periodic monitoring to insure the SFI seal of approval is never rubber stamped.
Determining whether you need to be certified requires addressing a variety of complex concerns, including understanding the role of certification in general and what it adds professionally to an individual as well as how it is perceived in the workplace.
He or she needs to hold or have held an approved certification in lifeguard training or swim instruction (such as Water Safety Instruction [WSI] or AUSTSWIM) or be an instructor or instructor trainer from a boating or watercraft organization or hold an equivalent certification.
In 2001, Jack Northrop School fifth-grade teacher James Tanksley became the first teacher in the Antelope Valley to earn the certification.
Supporters of teacher certification often make analogies to professions like law and medicine, where being an effective professional requires the acquisition of vast knowledge and skills, Licensure in these professions ensures at least minimal competency and boosts the public's confidence in members of the profession.
Department of Education, noted in his article, A Parallel Universe, Expanded: Certification in the Information Technology Guild: "While hardly any of us in higher education noticed, a new, parallel universe of post-secondary credentials sprung up in the 1990s.
The court concluded that Perdue had employed members of the targeted groups and had properly requested written certification from the local agencies.
Given the existing situation in coaching, our school systems are more or less obliged to consider several compelling reasons to develop some form of certification.
ISO 9000 certification enables companies to compete for business from individual customers (both foreign and domestic) that contractually require their suppliers to be certified.
Certification formally mandates that company policy is:
The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT(SM)) today announced that LifeWatch Corp.
Organizations supporting the development of the new printing and document imaging certification include:
BODYWORKS STUDIOS[TM] GYROTONIC[R] & GYROKINESIS[R], Power Pilates New England Teacher Certification Center Teacher training, Private and Group classes (617) 723-8090 www.
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