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Miss Garth roused herself mechanically, and read the certificate.
And there the following certificate was drawn up in the terms in which it appears to-day, in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society of London:
The students prized these certificates highly, and they added greatly to the popularity of the night-school.
Cornelius replied that undoubtedly his godfather could not have thought that there was any risk for the safety of his deposit, hidden as it was in a press which was looked upon as sacred as the tabernacle by the whole household of Van Baerle; and that consequently he had considered the certificate as useless.
In the absence of any such proof, and in the face of the evidence of two eminent physicians, it is impossible to dispute the statement on the certificate that his lordship died a natural death.
The gentleman is excused," said the Judge, handing back the certificate to the person who had brought it, "he has a brain.
The lawyer, left alone with the disowned and deserted woman, put the useless certificate silently on the table.
It didn't strike me at the time that a Board of Trade certificate does not make an officer, not by a long long way.
Wilkins nor myself could give a death certificate under the circumstances.
Miss B'retta Sprowls--you may have heard of her--Oh, that was just the stage names --right there over the dresser is where the marriage certificate hung, framed.
But I say," Stepan Arkadyevitch said to him one day after he had come back from the country, where he had got everything ready for the young people's arrival, "have you a certificate of having been at confession?
I make it out, payin' a dollar to a doctor they sent me to for a health certificate.
There is the testimony of the medical certificate to prove the death, and to show that it took place under natural circumstances.
old Foxey' by his friends from his extreme sagacity,) who encouraged them to the utmost, and whose chief regret, on finding that he drew near to Houndsditch churchyard, was, that his daughter could not take out an attorney's certificate and hold a place upon the roll.
It suddenly appeared that Katerina Ivanovna had in her hands the very certificate of honour of which Marmeladov had spoken to Raskolnikov in the tavern, when he told him that Katerina Ivanovna, his wife, had danced the shawl dance before the governor and other great personages on leaving school.
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