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Synonyms for certifiable

fit to be certified as insane (and treated accordingly)


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capable of being guaranteed or certified

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Creating a global standard for sustainability in the Managed Print Services (MPS) industry, PrintReleaf guarantees to certifiably reforest every piece of paper consumed by its customers.
Since Native is also about walking the talk, it's one thing to know that each of its footwear molds to one's feet, certifiably lightweight but absolutely durable and lasting.
Word had it that only the certifiably insane should go anywhere near the Open Air Museum, so dense were the crowds and so lengthy the queues.
The Department of Environmental Health will continue to fund the business side of the program, which is merging into Certifiably Green Denver.
THE TRADEMARKED NAME, for plantation-grown eucalyptus, is a hardwood varying in color from pink to white cream to light rose and is certifiably green, boasting FSC certification.
It's a mood elevator, a legal one, to recall progress that's been made, notwithstanding some of the certifiably crazy management we've endured.
But it did explain much of the certifiably brilliant madness that went before at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Washington, March 8 ( ANI ): Quartz-crystal skulls may have gained fame in the Steven Spielberg adventure film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," but scientists have revealed these sculptures that once ranked as a great enigma of archaeology are certifiably fake.
Grant exceptions for commerce - including sales and imports - for businesses and individuals engaged in certifiably independent (i.
But regardless, Safeway's GC Robert Gordon has apparently apologized for the certifiably terrible joke (and by terrible, I mean not funny even if offensive jokes were your cup of tea) he told when he opened the company's annual shareholders meeting on May 15.
johnsa, Finland You would have to be certifiably insane to back Al Ferof at 8-1 (Ladbrokes) in the Champion Chase.
This is a fun and funny, dark and twisted, semi-schizophrenic and certifiably insane film.
The technology is certifiably environmental since it has passed all international atmospheric standard emissions, including latest EPA regulations.
This water captures the intrinsic beauty and majestic quality of Iceland in both its presentation and taste, and Icelandic Glacial is certified as a CarbonNeutral Product & Company, a first in the bottled water industry because the Olfus Spring has been declared certifiably sustainable.
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