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Synonyms for cerise

a red the color of ripe cherries

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of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Cerise brand represents fashion, quality and value.
I had to wait for a clear shot, to do right by this animal," Cerise told the Lexington Herald-Leader.
They participated vigorously by shouting out the dialogue, chanting responses, waving little flashlights (available for $10 each in the lobby, along with the cerise leis), and throwing gobs of pink confetti.
Venter's new novel "My Sympathy, Cerise," takes place entirely in Australia, in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne.
The teenager, from Clacton, Essex, is charged with murdering baby Cerise Clover and theft.
WHEN her golf playing husband had to give up the game through disability, Cerise Booth swung into action.
La cerise est en abondance au village d'Ait Alloua, dans la commune d'Iboudrarene.
Cerise sur la gateau : Hechmi Hamdi renonce a porter plainte contre le President de la Republique provisoire Moncef Marzouki.
This circus-themed decorative cushion cover by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau is made from 100% cotton and measures 50cm square.
According to colour typing, there are four main colours - saffron, iris, olive and cerise - with each representing particular value systems, personality traits and communication styles.
hederifolium)Best Of The BunchTHIS pint-sized specimen looks so delicate, with its flowers in shades of white, pink, cerise and magenta appearing in early autumn before the ivy-shaped leaves with heavy marbling.
Sexy Summers is a swim and beachwear collection that plays with the season's sexiest colour palette - aqua, black, white and cerise to flatter your figure and boost your assets.