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Synonyms for ceremoniousness

strict observance of social conventions

Antonyms for ceremoniousness

a ceremonial manner

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But different turns are applied to this screw whenever a literary narrative (or genre) seeks to differentiate itself from some existing narrative practice, and not all such turns confer ceremoniousness to a piece of writing; Teuthold's formulaic patterns exhibit features which are the narrative counterpart of those found in ritual practices--a surplus of organization not demanded by the strictures of the plot, an overpatterning which imparts to text 'conspicuous regularity'.
Ofili's paintings, substituting primates for the twelve apostles, mock their own color-besotted ceremoniousness.
He must be an affectionate and dutiful child of the Church, and from habit, conviction, and a constitutional predisposition to ceremoniousness, in piety and manners, find her forms and ordinances aids of religion, not sources of formality; for religion is the element in which he lives, and the region in which he moves.
As John Kerrigan puts it, chivalry "satisfied a deep ceremoniousness in [Charles's] nature," and so it is not surprising that before the masque is complete, the "martial dance" of the past resurfaces in all its colorful ornament ("their antique helms curiously wrought") and chivalric virtue.
He refused, but seemed moved by my ceremoniousness.