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in a ceremonious manner

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I saw the hard ghastly face behind the window soften, and light up with gratified pride--I saw the head with the grim black cap bend ceremoniously in return.
At length, the door opened, and Ralph himself, divested of his boots, and ceremoniously embellished with black silks and shoes, presented his crafty face.
It's only a word or two"- and after a whispered confabulation of no more than a minute, reconduct him to the door and shake hands ceremoniously.
Moved with curiosity to this minor adventure, Flambeau assented gracefully, and followed the old man, who ushered him ceremoniously into the long, lightly panelled room.
During the talk, the prime minister announced the completion of works on the Church of Saint Sava and its inauguration in 2019, which will be attended by Russian representatives, while Lavrov said that he had emotionally reacted to his morning visit to the church where a mosaic in the dome - a Russian present - was ceremoniously unveiled.
Pyeongchang: A giant mock medal was ceremoniously thrown into a crowd celebrating a Dutch bronze medal at Holland House at the Pyeongchang Olympics, injuring two people.
Curators and staff were ceremoniously thanked and acknowledged for their collaborative work to finally bring MEIS to the public.
Club President Mark Hodgkinson looked on as outgoing captain Bill Scarth ceremoniously handed over the Captain's Tie to the new captain, Paul Anderson.
Located at Isuru Towers, the DFCC Morawaka Branch was ceremoniously inaugurated by DFCC CEO Lakshman Silva.
Damien Leroux, executive chef at IDAM said: "Our Iftar experience is a showcase of our generosity and hospitality, that is ceremoniously served on our guests' tables.
Simultaneously, Rangers were ceremoniously moved out by the officer-in-charge.
The captains were ceremoniously clapped into the clubhouse in the evening where new blazers were donned and rousing speeches heralded the start of the new season.
The Ribbon Cutting will ceremoniously open the assisted living NH residence to residents and staff.
The last tradition left was the weekly dance, which ceremoniously brought women and men together for a quickstep or a foxtrot and brief respite from the rigours of wartime.
The venerated relic that is supposed to be a section of the belt of Virgin Mary which the landmark church is named after was ceremoniously returned to the Church on August 16 2014.