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in a ceremonious manner

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Moved with curiosity to this minor adventure, Flambeau assented gracefully, and followed the old man, who ushered him ceremoniously into the long, lightly panelled room.
Instead therefore of communicating the secret of his lodgings to a servant, he acquainted the lady herself with it particularly, and soon after very ceremoniously withdrew.
With each of them, as he entered, he ceremoniously shook hands, both parties touching their bonnets at the same time in a military manner.
The clergyman ceremoniously raised his hat, and walked on.
I saw the hard ghastly face behind the window soften, and light up with gratified pride--I saw the head with the grim black cap bend ceremoniously in return.
He was taken on the shoulders of half a dozen blossom-faced men, who shuffled with him to the churchyard, and who were preceded by another blossom-faced man, affecting a stately stalk, as if he were a Policeman of the D(eath) Division, and ceremoniously pretending not to know his intimate acquaintances, as he led the pageant.
Mr Quilp accompanied this admission with such an awful wink, indicative of old rovings and backslidings, that Mrs Jiniwin was indignant, and could not forbear from remarking under her breath that he might at least put off his confessions until his wife was absent; for which act of boldness and insubordination Mr Quilp first stared her out of countenance and then drank her health ceremoniously.
Pyotr Petrovitch accompanied her ceremoniously to the door.
The tree was ceremoniously planted on the Town Common two weeks ago by the Boylston Garden Club and town officials, including (Above, from left): Town Administrator Martin McNamara, Police Chief Tony Sahagian, Selectmen Chairman James Wood, Highway Department Superintendent Steve Mero, Mary Groleau, Linda O'Connor, Pat Bigelow, Carla Peterson, Jean Draper, Sue Olsen, Deb Richardson, Deb Fuller and Maria Taylor.
His newborn infant would later be ceremoniously be passed through the hole.
We are witnesses of an era in which the past is preached ceremoniously as well as an uncertain future with amnesia of great historical periods.
A sister ship, Regal Princess, was ceremoniously floated out of dry dock this week and the building blocks for a third vessel of the same hull design, to be launched by P&O Cruises in 2015, were being readied on the quayside.
After the show I ceremoniously removed the false beard and was promptly asked to leave by the irate manager.
S-3 Division, along with the Supply Department Chain of Command, ceremoniously turned over $510,000 in profits to the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and the Fun Boss on the bridge this past February while operating off the coast of Guam.
ONE of the longest-serving moustaches in racing, that of Ladbrokes PR chief Mike Dillon, has been ceremoniously discarded this weekend in a bid to raise funds for the South Bucks Hospice.