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In the ceremonious "parlor" of the Harrington homestead, Mr.
All this time Sancho stood by, gaping with amazement at the honour he saw shown to his master by these illustrious persons; and observing all the ceremonious pressing that had passed between the duke and Don Quixote to induce him to take his seat at the head of the table, he said, "If your worship will give me leave I will tell you a story of what happened in my village about this matter of seats.
While patriotism can be manifested through ceremonious parades and singing of national songs, display of reverence is only possible if one holds deep respect for the country in one's heart.
Immediately after, the event's festivities unfolded in ceremonious style, befitting such a momentous occasion.
A visit from pan farar (the local priest) that evening to bless the house brought the holidays to a ceremonious close.
On this very day, armed forces of Bangladesh took a ceremonious birth.
Prior to the inaugural ceremony, BSE CEO Ashish Kumar Chouhan, while performing the ceremonious Laxmi Puja here had said that India is in a "sweet spot", adding that the current rally is to do with India's internal circumstances, and international liquidity.
Build your special day from ground up with a dedicated wedding planner who can design themed live cooking stations, ceremonious carpets, petal showers, ceremony arches and professional videography services.
By the time we would crawl out from underneath the tablecloths, by the time we would realize that the toasts we heard weren't merely ceremonious preludes to the next shot of liquor, the adults would no longer be sitting around the table.
Wataniya Airways' arrival in Bahrain was met with a ceremonious greeting from Bahrain International Airport's administrators, Bahrain's Deputy CEO, Ayman Zainal, members of the media as well as a water jet welcome.
The result: The Lufthansa Innovation Hub performed best among German innovation labs and was given the award of Best Innovation Lab in Germany at a ceremonious event in Berlin.
The Nerves sit Ceremonious," she writes, "like Tombs.
Parlors They were a private home's most public place Where cakes and tea would greet each settled guest From china plates and cups, the family's best, Slowly served with ceremonious grace.
They are not just ceremonious pomp,' she said once, commenting on President Duterte's tendency to ride roughshod on the time-honored traditions of his office.
The grant was presented to BAC at a ceremonious check presentation today in Dallas.