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in a ceremonious manner

in a ceremonial manner


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To my surprise a plate of steak, chips and tomato was ceremonially brought to my bed the next day.
With funeral director Les Coker walking ceremonially in front, the procession passes Deals On Wheels.
A Memorial for the Victims of the Armenian Genocide was ceremonially opened near the St.
Also called a Kiswah, the artistically embroidered fabric ceremonially covers the Ka'aba before the Haj and was brought to ADIBF 2013 by Austrian company INLIBERS who handle preservation of ancient manuscripts and exhibits.
At an Alumni day-2012 hosted by the IIT-Bombay during the weekend, the Class of 1987 ceremonially handed over a cheque for the pledged amount to the Institute's director Prof.
Saudi students ceremonially hang a pack of cigarettes in campaign
Because it does not possess guns to fire ceremonially and salute the Qatari royal, Hamas fired rockets - not ceremonially - at Israel.
On Sunday the domes, known as Gormats, were ceremonially placed on top of the building.
Expedition 32 Commander Gennady Padalka has ceremonially handed over control of the International Space Station to Expedition 33's Suni Williams.
Later, a torchlight procession ends with the galley being ceremonially burned before the guizers visit halls in the town to continue their celebrations.
As is customary, on her 12th birthday, Princess Sylviianel is ceremonially bound to her own pegasus, Ebon.
He ceremonially chucked a copy of The Sun newspaper into the Mathew Street rubbish bin, prompting a recording of Thank U Very Much to blast out.
Each governorate will have 30 individual relay legs where the cauldron will be ceremonially lit and extinguished by the respective governorate dignitaries at the start and end of each relay.
The School of Medicine ceremonially opened its new Rural Health and Clinical Education Center in Chapmanville with a ribbon-cutting ceremony April 22.
George Johnson ceremonially passed the baton to the company's new owners, Eric and Renee Brown, the husband and wife management team.