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Next, explain that this mask represents a sacred, or holy, creature called "Barong," and is used in a ceremonial dance that dramatizes good vs.
The University of Illinois avoided the issue by claiming the Chief was not a mascot but a sports symbol and his ceremonial dance and music were historically and culturally authentic.
Usually, the haka is performed just before kick-off, but Wales wanted the national anthem, Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, to act as an official response to the ceremonial dance.
She describes how every visited site is associated with song verses, ceremonial dance, story and design embedded in Aboriginal cosmology.
Sun dance - a ceremonial dance performed by Amerindians at the summer solstice
For example, a Lipan Apache guest sang about his daughter's love for Wal-Mart, but wore ceremonial dance clothes and used a huge Native American drum for accompaniment.
An opening ritual procession and ceremonial dance, backed by Davis's percussive score, set an unconventionally festive tone for the division of the kingdom.
In Hearan Chung's solo, Salpuri, a ceremonial dance from Korea that started with tiny hiccupping steps and flowed into smoothly serpentine lines, a delicately manipulated handkerchief stood for the human soul.
Gertrude Kurath noted that among the Iroquois, even local variations of social and ceremonial dance adhere to traditional forms.
The time of the Macassans is described by some Yolngu as a kind of cultural `renaissance', the products of which are recorded in complex oral histories, song cycles, ceremonial dance and artistic works.
While the script is perhaps a little schematic in maneuvering Soufiya, Mabrouka and Chafik each to break away from the forces holding them back, it builds satisfyingly to an effective conclusion with Soufiya's liberating participation in a ceremonial dance.
This is the ceremonial dance of the All Blacks, designed to throw down the gauntlet of defiance against the opposition and Roger was never shy of performing it in restaurants or bars when the mood took him.
The Wintu Indians are just one tribe that has a ceremonial dance and gathering during the time acorns become abundant.
The funniest moment being the old Aztec ceremonial dance as performed in the nude by three daft villagers trying to ward off evil spirits.
In the first half of this century, the church fathers forbad the ceremonies, the use of ancestral statues (which they termed "idols"), and the ceremonial dance and music.