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Davenport makes clear in the introduction his debt to the seminal work of Cawte, Helm, Marriott, and Peacock in indexing ceremonial dance in this journal's predecessor in 1960, and that debt is evident in several respects.
Next, explain that this mask represents a sacred, or holy, creature called "Barong," and is used in a ceremonial dance that dramatizes good vs.
Snake dance - a ceremonial dance in which snakes are handled or summoned Lottery numbers
For example, a Lipan Apache guest sang about his daughter's love for Wal-Mart, but wore ceremonial dance clothes and used a huge Native American drum for accompaniment.
Textiles experts are currently preparing it for show, along with a ceremonial dance costume from Nigeria - owned for 80 years without being shown.
In Hearan Chung's solo, Salpuri, a ceremonial dance from Korea that started with tiny hiccupping steps and flowed into smoothly serpentine lines, a delicately manipulated handkerchief stood for the human soul.
The time of the Macassans is described by some Yolngu as a kind of cultural `renaissance', the products of which are recorded in complex oral histories, song cycles, ceremonial dance and artistic works.
This is the ceremonial dance of the All Blacks, designed to throw down the gauntlet of defiance against the opposition and Roger was never shy of performing it in restaurants or bars when the mood took him.
The Wintu Indians are just one tribe that has a ceremonial dance and gathering during the time acorns become abundant.
The funniest moment being the old Aztec ceremonial dance as performed in the nude by three daft villagers trying to ward off evil spirits.
Cawte, 'Correspondence on "A Geographical Index of the Ceremonial Dance in Great Britain'", FMJ, 9.
Other highlights include rifles belonging to celebrated mounted warriors Geronimo (Chiricahua Apache), Chief Joseph (Nez Perce) and Chief Rain-in-the-Face (Hunkpapa Lakota) and the famous ceremonial dance stick (ca.
Novak returned from her annual trip with intricately woven baskets of sea grass and dyed seal intestines, soapstone carvings, paintings, traditional clothing and ceremonial dance fans.
Saudis are fascinated with Chinese woodcarving, weaving, wickerwork and pottery as well as ceremonial dance in parades.
4 -- ran in SAC edition only) A regal head dancer Giles Bullshields of Los Angeles awaits the start of the next ceremonial dance during the powwow at William S.