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burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped

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The study was a comparative evaluation to determine improvement of new bone growth and decrease in infection rate after debridement in a rat osteomyelitis model with use of Cerement|G as compared with Cerement |Bone Void Filler without antibiotics and compared to no void filler.
Sweden-based bone repair specialist BoneSupport has formed a partnership with Australia-based regenerative medicine company Orthocell Ltd to co-develop bone repair products utilising the eluting bone remodelling capabilities of BoneSupport's Cerement technology and the collagen properties of Celgro, the companies said on Monday.
, the light of interrogation lamps, the cerement halos of cinder blocks.
The answers to all ten riddles, not previously published in Word Ways, are facetiously, syzygy, catenary, Toronto, asylum, cerement (or recement), Mississippi, scrotum (twice), and asseverations.
The speaker also evokes Christ's resurrection from the grave to imagine Love's triumph over grief: "Death leaves but empty cerements in a heap,/And Love for love still rolls away the stone" (11.
Our latest recollections are of sickly gleams of the fire among the trees, a doleful moaning among the branches overhead, and the gloomy tower of the castle all wrapped in wind-trailed cerements of cloud.
Say there were two or three inches of hard old snow on the ground, with earth here and there oozing through the broken places, and that there was warmth in the sunlight, when the wind did not blow it all away, and say she stooped breathlessly in her corset to lift up a sodden sheet by its hems, and say that when she had pinned three corners to the lines it began to billow and leap in her hands, to flutter and tremble, and to glare with the light, and that the throes of the thing were as gleeful and strong as if a spirit were dancing in its cerements. That wind!
But the Gospel misses a great dramatic opportunity to describe how Lazarus felt when he came back from the dead --bound up with cerements like a mummy and with a piece of cloth to keep his mouth clamped shut.
The poet states pithily: See those ebony-black moulds wearing flies as cerements. See the innocent child urging the fallen mother to rise and go, for it's night fall.
(isn't it funny cerements have the same waxy texture
(24) "they tore off the cerements, each thinking himself blessed to have but a scrap thereof in his possession;" Dec.
[produce people] ill at ease, much too conscious, cased in too many cerements, and far from happy," Whitman disdained that element of capitalism which elevated money over men, and promoted the accumulation of capital over an affection for "comrades." (1) Consequently, the Civil War presented Whitman with a particular challenge.
The book's assessment of freedpeople--"minds long abased by slavery must struggle long, and cast off a thousand cerements of custom and ignorance, ere they can take upon them the work of those who have ever lived beneath the vivifying influences of freedom" (425)--certainly features the language of white and mulatto/a superiority.
Let Peter Paul Rubens wake from the dead, let him rise out of his cerements, and bring into this presence all the army of his fat women; the magian power or prophet-virtue gifting that slight rod of Moses, could, at one waft, release and re-mingle a sea spell-parted, whelming the heavy host with the down-rush of overthrown sea-ramparts.
Cerements: MiruStyle MFP is a multifunctional polymer based on zea maize designed for light hold and anti-frizz products.