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Neuroscientists know that some brain structures that play a role in vision are not strictly part of the cerebrum.
The body without a cerebrum is likened to a person in a persistent vegetative state; likewise here a substantial change occurs with the removal or destruction of the cerebrum so that the brainless body has only a vegetative soul.
On a table there, Griffin delicately attached a human cerebrum onto Bucky's brain.
As is the case with any meningoencephalocele, our diagnosis was based on the identification of a sac that was directly contiguous with the subarachnoid space and that contained a component of herniated cerebrum.
Blue List: ages 7-8 cerebrum--Use your head; the cerebrum is part of your brain.
The cerebellum has many pathways leading to the cerebrum, or "thinking brain," which aren't fully developed in people with learning disabilities.
The largest part of your brain is called the cerebrum (sehr-EE-brum).
Instead, stick with one tablet twice daily of Arnica 30c, along with Cerebrum take 10 drops twice daily before meals to help improve memory and stamina.
On day 20, rats were sacrificed and serum NO levels, placental weight, fetal body weight, fetal cerebrum weight and the thickness of the cerebral cortex were analyzed.
Heartlands isn't going to set the film world or your cerebrum alight but it's still well worth a watch.
When investigators in the 18th century showed that rabbits continue to breathe after their cerebrum and cerebellum are removed, researchers began to concentrate on the brainstem.
1,2] Usually, PNETs in the cerebrum are deep-seated tumors with grossly cystic components.
The third part of the brain is the cerebrum, or "thinking brain," which fills the entire upper part of the skull.
You can find aspects of chant and the now Eastern European mysticism here--qualities that probably appealed to the bean counters at Philips--but this is really music for the ear rather than the cerebrum.
These are the poles of their existences, and those existences, each dominated by some addiction, are genuinely scary, like the dreams of the man in one piece which always end in the "great luminous cerebrum and spinal stalk" of a nuclear blast.