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The SynView multiviewer, IP bridge (NIO440) and Cerebrum control and monitoring will be featured in the AIMS IP interoperability demonstration (booth C12634).
Designed as a customisable monitoring and control system, Cerebrum links broadcast equipment from all major manufacturers using either SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or third-party protocols.
Babe's nodules were seen in granular layers along with degenerative and necrotic cells of rabid brain cerebrum (Fig.
In a report published in the May 2011 print issue of the Archives of Neurology, researchers at MGH said their computer model using available data suggests a 63 percent greater risk of stroke recurrence over the course of a year for patients who had had an intracerebral hemorrhage in the cerebrum (the outer region of the brain associated with higher brain functions such as thought, movement, speech and visual processing).
The cortex (gray matter) is a folded sheet of neuronal tissue covering the cerebrum.
Specifically, a greater ventricle to cerebrum area ratio was found in MRI images of infected sheep compared to healthy sheep.
The researchers studied the behavior of the repair machinery in the cerebrum or brain tissue of mice over the course of a day and found that the ability to repair damage was at a minimum in the early morning and reached a maximum in the evening hours.
This is the essence of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which, I am convinced, trains and develops the cerebrum into a more efficient brain to process, judge, understand, and calm the body.
This collection of 13 articles and three book reviews, drawn from the Cerebrum website, covers a full range of current research, including that on what can go right.
An excellent survey, CEREBRUM 2007 will find a place on the shelves of any serious college-level health or science collection.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 25, 2007 - (JCN) - Riken in conjunction with Tokyo Institute of Technology announced on April 23, that a research conducted on monkeys, testing to find the correct and incorrect answer, unveiled two types of nerve cell groups in the frontal lobe of the cerebrum.
Giving your cerebrum a daily workout--just like physical exercise's effect on the body--can keep your mind fit.
Somehow this profound message entered my cerebrum, and I was compelled to collect.
As is the case with any meningoencephalocele, our diagnosis was based on the identification of a sac that was directly contiguous with the subarachnoid space and that contained a component of herniated cerebrum.
Blue List: ages 7-8 cerebrum--Use your head; the cerebrum is part of your brain.