cerebrovascular accident

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a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain

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The PRASTRO-II study was conducted in 654 ischemic cerebrovascular disease patients, excluding cardiogenic cerebral embolisms, aged 75 years or older and/or weighing 50 kg or less to evaluate safety (the incidence of clinically relevant bleeding) of prasugrel administered once daily in 3.
Key Words: Mean platelet count, Diabetes, Cerebrovascular accidents
Acute cerebrovascular accident after cisplatin treatment in a patient taking letrozole.
Clairborne Johnston: Cerebrovascular diseases, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Anthony S.
Coronary heart disease accounted for 826 of these first events, cerebrovascular events accounted for another 1,198, heart failure 726, and there were 102 other cardiovascular deaths.
The main mechanism of the cerebrovascular diseases in patients with type 2 DM is the atherosclerosis.
The gender age education background histories of cerebrovascular disease smoking and drinking as well as body mass index (BMI) of the two groups did not differ significantly (Table-I).
Compared with non-supplement users, men with an intake of supplemental calcium of more than 1,000 mg/day had an increased risk of total CVD death, more specifically with heart disease, but not significantly with cerebrovascular disease death.
If your score suggests you may have reason for concern, your doctor can advise you on aggressive stroke prevention strategies that may help you avoid a future stroke or TIA, and improve your chances of surviving a cerebrovascular event should that occur.
En el Peru, la enfermedad cerebrovascular (ECV) constituye la principal causa de discapacidad en personas mayores de 45 anos, (Velasquez, 2006).
In its original ruling in July 2011, the CHMP voiced concern about the non-prescription setting of Sumatriptan Galpharm because the lack of medical supervision and monitoring of the patient would lead to greater risks of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular side effects and potential misuse and overuse.
The participants averaged 62 years old, and 10% of the cerebrovascular patients were current smokers.
HONOLULU--The only factor associated with read-mission within 30 days among patients with stroke or cerebrovascular disease was an index hospitalization that lasted more than 10 days, results from a large, single-center analysis found.
Having either hypertension or blood pressure fluctuations was independently associated with increased risk of cerebrovascular disease (which includes stroke and other disorders of the brain's blood vessels).
A presentation at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting revealed the finding of Nicolaos Scarmeas, MD, MSc that consuming a Mediterranean diet may help preserve memory and learning ability by protecting against cerebrovascular disease.