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I would suggest that members at a cerebration session be given sinecure tasks to do--short reports to write, or summaries of their conclusions, or brief answers to suggested problems--and be paid for that, the payment being the fee that would ordinarily be paid for the cerebration session.
When Webb suggests that Ernst Bloch "represents a stereotypical example of the utopian parading his own pedantic cerebrations as the best world for all," (46) he could be echoing Joyce's view of Bloom (and thereby of himself)--except insofar as Joyce does not condemn Bloom for his pedantic Utopianism so much as he applauds him for it, precisely because Bloom is himself a little man with big dreams.
Alongside the emergence of modern sciences of mind and brain--the discovery of "unconscious cerebration," the project of physiognomy, and the work of thinkers in psychology and philosophy today canonized as key figures in the "prehistory" of cognitive science--there were, as well, a number of figures we might specifically term early "theorists of theory of mind," engaged in speculation and research recognizably anticipating contemporary attempts to plumb the mysteries of self-recognition and other-speculation.
The portfolio named 'Converging Lines' is rejuvenated by a difference in style, mannerism and cerebration.
While reading The Naked and the Dead, I began to understand something wholly detached from the occult glory, fame, and entertainer-superstar-politician thread that Mailer is famous for colonizing: Mailer was definitely interested in narrating the cerebration of modern man's social and civic problems, and perhaps the direct challenge to American humankind's democratic spirit when faced with the powerful and nature-deciding apparatus of institutions and authoritarianism.
The cerebration for the Hihg Point showroom will take place on Sat.
Here the probing is carried further in a brilliant and uncompromising indictment of some of the worst aspects of modern civilization, showing us the hard-boiled criminal mind not as a return to savagery but as a horrible perversion of cerebration.
18) Dega writes, "chez la femme, l'emotion n'arrive pas a un degre de cerebration suffisante" (27).
The renowned a capella group, Vocal Motion Six (VM6), will host a show in cerebration of its music career spanning over a decade.
All too often, the actor is called upon to labor cerebrally on script analysis, on biographical research, as well as on parsing and scoring, and then the actor is expected to transform that cerebration into physical and emotional action.
But language is a social and contextual enterprise; those who live in a different society and use language differently cannot reconstruct the original meaning except by feats of scholarship and cerebration.
Low core temperatures can lead to systemic coagulopathy probably due to platelet dysfunction (Valeri et al 1987), impaired cerebration and a decrease in cardiac output (Heymann 1977, Lilly 1990).
Jaffa, How to Think About The American Revolution: A Bicentennial Cerebration [sic] (Durham, NC, 1978), 59, who writes "that the American people had a divine mission to perform, not for themselves alone, but for all mankind .
Stieglitz took the light/dark passages of this analytical-cubist charcoal drawing and translated them into a luminous photograph of Manhattan buildings at night, as if the cool cerebration of the European atelier had segued to a dynamic urban outdoors.