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Synonyms for cerebral

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

Synonyms for cerebral

involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct



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Satchel couldn't be more endearing, and the entire "Get Fuzzy" cast is clever, cerebrally challenging and downright hilarious.
While sterile normal saline solution was also intra- cerebrally inoculated into ten chicks (of both types of poultry) which served as negative controls.
I cerebrally corrected autocorrect to read "blue underparts" and suggested that the bird in question was a species of roller.
It would be spoilery -- and cerebrally taxing -- to explain just how and why the 44-year-old "Dallas Buyers Club'' actor and the 37-year-old "Zero Dark Thirty'' actress simultaneously end up as father and daughter in the film.
Mom and Dad evidently felt he was the bright light of their lives if not anyone else's since he was the class duff and scraped through only by fudging answers from the more cerebrally inclined colleagues who would let him peep at their sheets because he was a great joke teller of the ripe and over-ripe variety.
That specific opening allows the poem's ruminative lines, such as "anything can be imagined," to have an anchor a reader can either cerebrally cling to or release.
Such grim situations are treated cerebrally, not viscerally, or as "Descant" says, "a scene made-up by the mind" or while "Imagination is off paddling among the rocks.
In this way these audio-visual, experiential stories impact human lives, offering models for living, not just cerebrally, but through the body.
That's what I'm trying to do in the theatre space: make people feel/understand, rather than cerebrally, intellectually come to a conclusion.
There are also still many aspects of a tolerant, open and welcoming society to which they can make a worthwhile contribution, both cerebrally and as investors.
A colleague and I recently wrote a research paper entitled "Artificial Neural Networks: Cerebrally smart but lamentably dumb", in which we discussed the power of neural nets for nonlinear and robust modelling, but also pointed out some of their dramatic failures.
We're in Brighton where murder happens, as you'll know if you've read Brighton Rock, and Charlie 'the Duck' Clench and his henchmen are celebrating the engagement of cerebrally challenged daughter Pauline to would-be actor Harry Dangle, her actual intended having been bumped off.
This began ear-cleansingly, Reger's little Sonatina theme brightly scored by Taylor, but the music, cerebrally finding out all 12 key-centres imposed upon a four-movement symphonic template, gradually sank into paralysed inertia until a cheery finale, almost tacked-on, woke everything up.
Friends' work is service, not speculation, and their mysticism is practical, not cerebrally abstract or experientially esoteric.