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Prognosis of cerebral vein and dural sinus thrombosis: results of the International Study on Cerebral Vein and Dural Sinus Thrombosis (ISCVT).
LongTerm Prognosis of Cerebral Vein and Dural Sinus Thrombosis: Results of the Venoport Study.
On MR angiography, the internal cerebral vein and the vein of Galen were observed to be dilated and an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) was noted originating from the interpeduncular cistern extending into the quadrigeminal cistern and lateral ventricle, nourished by the posterior cerebral artery, draining into the internal cerebral vein and vein of Galen.
Stam et al., "Delay in the diagnosis of cerebral vein and dural sinus thrombosis," Stroke, vol.
Unilateral thalamic infarction is rare, but has been reported in the setting of unilateral internal cerebral vein thrombosis [4].
Early Seizures in Cerebral Vein and Dural Sinus Thrombosis Risk Factors and Role of Antiepileptics.
Dai et al., "MRI image of the internal cerebral vein and basilar artery of rabbit following subarachnoid hemorrhage," Chinese Journal of Clinical Anatomy, vol.
Unusual places of thrombosis have been described such as LV thrombus in one case, central retinal vein thrombosis in one case, and two cases of cerebral vein thrombosis [7-24].
Other venous thromboses reported in the literature so far include internal jugular vein thrombosis, intracranial cerebral vein thrombosis, ovarian vein thrombosis, extrahepatic vein thrombosis, brachial vein thrombosis, and azygos vein thrombosis.
* "Thunderclap" headaches: Characterized by a sudden and severe onset, these headaches may indicate hemorrhagic stroke, bleeding from a cerebral vein following a head injury, or a surge of high blood pressure caused by a problem such as acute inflammation of the kidney.
Using a fetal probe, short laser pulses into the superior sagittal sinus, a large central cerebral vein located immediately beneath the top of the skull, generate acoustic waves, which are sent to an electronic monitoring system for signal amplification, acquisition, and recording.
Thus, proximal DVT (p < 0.0001) and thrombosis in unusual sites, such as the cerebral vein thrombosis (CVT; p = 0.03) were more often present in young women.
He didn't want to hear, "That sir is clearly the inguinal ligament," for that wouldn't cut it and wouldn't prove that you "know your anatomy." The man wanted to hear, "That sir is clearly Poupart's Ligament." He didn't want to hear that you were confident that you knew he was pointing to "the great cerebral vein," but that you knew it was "the vein of Galen." Too bad if you only knew it (a blood vessel) by the name, "the arteria radicularis magna," you needed to announce it was "the Artery of Adamkiewicz." There was no "life line" to call if you didn't know the answer.
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