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From the imagistic point of view, prolonged DUP was significantly correlated with cerebral sulci enlargement in patients with first schizophrenia episode and a second assessment of cerebral morphology after five years showed a progressive frontal and central atrophy.
5 A case of characteristic calcification in the cortico-medullary junction at the bottom of cerebral sulci and basal ganglia in a patient with both AVM and dural AVF is reported.
In children, the subarachnoid space is enlarged and the cerebral sulci become more prominent.
DR DANIEL WILLIAMS (Neuroradiology Fellow, Department of Radiology): An unenhanced cranial computed tomography (CT) scan done at admission demonstrated a possible subarachnoid hemorrhage, diffuse deep white matter radiolucencies, and poor delineation of the basilar cisterns and cerebral sulci (felt to be secondary to either cerebral edema or the presence of subarachnoid blood).