cerebral death

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death when respiration and other reflexes are absent


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The ethical aspects are camouflaged in the prudence that the respondents manifest towards their own involvement or of their families when they would be put in a position to make a decision in favor of organ donation for someone close, found in cerebral death.
The latter included the following items: ignorance about the will of the deceased, disfigurement of the corpse, inaccurate beliefs about cerebral death, ignorance about the organ assignment process, organ trafficking, fear about the removal of organs before death, inadequate medical attention to potential donors and worries about the costs of the process.
This latest condition, also a potential cause of PRES, was, in our opinion, the precipitating factor leading to cerebral death through a transient and limited decrease in arterial blood pressure.
A precise, unambiguous definition giving circumstances of cerebral death that can be empirically verifiable removes these people from being classified as dead.
25] Beth Drake, Stephen Ashwal, and Sanford Schneider, "Determination of Cerebral Death in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit," Pediatrics 78 (1986), 107-12; Lawrence A.