cerebral aneurysm

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an aneurysm of the carotid artery

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Dr Abdullah Qasim, consultant and head of Neurosurgery at Rashid Hospital, said that an X-ray found that she had cerebral aneurysm in not one but four veins.
This report describes a 44-year-old female patient with multiple cerebral aneurysm disease, who presented with severe spontaneous headache with nausea and vomiting, in soporous state, confused, and with no gross motor deficits or lateralization.
PIV-measured versus CFD-predicted flow dynamics in anatomically realistic cerebral aneurysm models.
simulation of fluid-structured interaction in cerebral aneurysms based on patient specific lesion geometry with emphasis on wall tension.
The Spanish Catholic newspaper La Razon has identified her as Floribeth Mora, and said she suffered from a cerebral aneurysm that was inexplicably cured on May 1 2011 - the day of John Paul's beatification, when 1.
It concerned a Costa Rican woman cured of a cerebral aneurysm on the day of his beatification on May 1, 2011.
He told the nurse practitioner (NP) who examined him that his mother had died of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm.
They added: "The results of this study may not only provide additional insight into cerebral aneurysm pathophysiology but, more importantly, may lead to more pathology-based therapies to patients either harbouring an unruptured cerebral aneurysm or at risk of developing one.
If the cerebral aneurysm ruptures, because the ballooning wall bursts, this can be life threatening and is known as a haemorrhagic stroke.
One of the limitations of the study is that the vasculature of the control group had not been evaluated, although it is assumed that 3%-4% of the general population harbors an unruptured cerebral aneurysm.
Shajitha Abdul Kader, 36, underwent surgery in India on Friday, but died soon after due to cerebral aneurysm.
An erratum for Westmead Anaesthetic Manual, 3rd Edition has been released that identifies three errors relating to dosages as follows: Erratum--Westmead Anaesthetic Manual page 120, line 23 Regarding cerebral aneurysm clipping, a bolus of remifentanil 40 A g/ kg is suggested to blunt the hypertensive response to intubation.
Based on similar microscopic features of cerebral vascular bifurcation and trunk in our population with the Caucasians, the cause of this discrepancy in the incidence of cerebral aneurysm is not due to histological differences.
In fact, as the doctor informs her tonight, what she's got is a cerebral aneurysm.
As many as five percent of American adults may have a cerebral aneurysm, a condition in which a weak area in the wall of a cerebral blood vessel gradually balloons outward.