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either of two masses of lymphatic tissue one on each side of the oral pharynx

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The cerebellar tonsils were also prominent, without definite herniation.
3 mm increase of basion-atlas interval), anterior flexion of the occipitoatlantal joint (8 degree decrease of clivus-axis angle), increased basilar impression, and cerebellar ptosis with downward displacement of cerebellar tonsils to C-1 (white arrow).
In this case the cerebellar tonsils were herniating through the foramen magnum when the imaging study was done.
Chiari I malformation is characterized by low-lying cerebellar tonsils (Figure 6).
In addition, although decompression surgery of the cerebellar tonsils is indicated as an effective treatment of the syringomyelia-Chiari I complex, resulting in the regression of symptoms during the immediate postoperative period or clinical improvement in 78% of cases [20], in the present study surgery did not result in clinical improvement and aggravation of the symptoms was observed.
This is due in some part to the relief that a surgical correction of the protruding cerebellar tonsils can provide, allowing more normal function of the nervous system.
Spontaneous CSF leaks also can cause generalized sagging of the brain with downward displacement of the cerebellar tonsils that is clearly visible on MRI with gadolinium.
There may also be descent of the cerebellar tonsils, obliteration of prepontine, perichiasmatic cisterns, flattening of the optic chiasm, crowding of the posterior fossa, as well as decreased ventricular size, according to Dr.
Both Chiari type I (Chiari 1) and type II malformations include a narrow foramen magnum and cerebellar herniation; the type I malformation is characterized by the cerebellar tonsils extending at least 3 mm below the foramen magnum, and typically, an elongated medulla is present (Semple & McClure, 1996).
Chiari I malformation consists of herniation of the cerebellar tonsils into the foramen magnum, thus crowding the craniocervical junction.
The lower part of the cerebellum, called the cerebellar tonsils, hangs down through the opening at the bottom of the skull and causes blockage of spinal fluid to the spinal canal.
1) cerebellar tonsils are situated above the foramen magnum, although occasionally it may pass through the foramen magnum.
Computed Tomography Scan of the head showed multiple hypodense areas in the cerebellum, inferior herniation of cerebellar tonsils with obstructive hydrocephalus.
Subsequent magnetic resonance imaging detected a herniation of the cerebellar tonsils to the level of C2 and the presence of a cervical syrinx--findings consistent with a Chiari I malformation.