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the thin process of tissue that attaches a polyp to the body

stalk bearing an inflorescence or solitary flower

a bundle of myelinated neurons joining different parts of the brain

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Infarction at this special location may lead to bilateral and symmetrical WD of the middle cerebellar peduncles (MCPs).
5 In MSA-P the degenerative changes predominantly affect the basal ganglia, particularly the putamen seen as hyperintense rim at the putaminal edge, atrophy and hypointensity of putaminal body on T2WI while in MSA-C changes predominantly affect infratentorial structures like pons and cerebellum, seen as atrophy and hyperintense signals in pons, cerebellum and middle cerebellar peduncles with pontine hyperintensity (hot cross bun sign) on axial image,4 which was seen in both of our patient's MRI.
Caption: Figure 4: Magnetic resonance imaging cerebellar peduncles showing "molar tooth appearance"
Out of 14 SLE patients who had seizures, 9 had white matter hyperintensities; seven had isolated white matter hyperintensities, one had combination of white matter hyperintensities plus hyperintensities in corpus callosum and right middle cerebellar peduncle, and one patient had combination of white matter hyperintensities and hyperintensities in paramedian cerebellar hemispheres with mild brain atrophy.
2), and showed T2 signal change in the brainstem, cerebellar peduncles and cerebellum associated with variable enhancement on contrasted T1-weighted images.
Microscopically in all animals, the lesions were pathognomonic for a highly neurotropic viral encephalomyelitis and included moderate to marked lymphocytic cell perivascular cuffing and neuronal and ganglionic degeneration and necrosis, with microgliosis but minimal meningitis, especially in the dorsal and ventral horns of the spinal cord gray matter and multifocally in the medulla oblongata, cerebellar peduncles, and midbrain (Figure 3).
Absence of the focal red dot demonstrates failure of decussation of the fibre tracts within the superior cerebellar peduncles and laterally located deep cerebellar nuclei (Fig.
Two patients had balance problems which were likely due to involvement of inferior cerebellar peduncles as there was no cerebellar lesion.
They involve corpus callosum, internal capsule, cerebellar peduncles and juxtacortical areas.
For studies on PN5, PN10, PN15, and PN21, brains were dissected into three regions: blunt cuts were made through the cerebellar peduncles, whereupon the cerebellum (including flocculi) was lifted from the underlying tissue.
Stage 18: The Future Corpus Striatum, the Inferior Cerebellar Peduncles, and the Dentate Nucleus.