cerebellar hemisphere

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either of two lateral lobes of the cerebellum

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Caption: Figure 1: Cranial MRI displays high signal intensity in both cerebellar hemispheres six months prior to admission (a); and, currently, a residual hyperintensity in the right cerebellar hemisphere on T2-weighted and FLAIR images (b).
Time course of the progression of the [[sup.18]F] FDG PET signal (n = 6) was shown as the ratio of the entire contralateral to ipsilateral cerebellar hemisphere. The upper right panel of the figure shows the selected brain ROIs for the quantification defined on a slice of a MRI (T2W) template (b).
MRI showed approximately 50 contrast enhancing lesions throughout the cerebral hemispheres, mesencephalon, right upper and lower cerebellar peduncles, left cerebellar hemisphere, and corresponding to C3 and C5 in the spinal cord (Figure 1).
Although cTBS applied to the left cerebellar hemisphere was slightly more effective than that applied to the right cerebellar cTBS, the difference between the two groups is not significant (all p > 0.05).
MRI for head and neck was done and showed infarction areas in left cerebellar hemisphere (Figure 1 (Radiology Department at Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar)).
Due to the primary malignancy, there was a significant mass effect over the left cerebellar hemisphere. The plane of cleavage between the tumor and the cerebellum was lost, indicating invasion.
The bleeding sites are mostly located in cerebellar hemisphere and temporal lobe.
The cranial tomography examination to explain his nonspecific neurological symptoms showed bilateral calcifications in the temporal, parietal, frontal, occipital lobes, basal ganglia, cerebellar hemisphere and medulla oblongata posteriorly.
Noncontrast CT imaging of the head performed in the ER demonstrated a roughly 6 cm mass centered in the superior right cerebellar hemisphere with cortical involvement and mild mass effect upon the fourth ventricle.
Brain herniation occurred due to cerebral edema associated with the hemorrhagic contusion of the left cerebellar hemisphere, which was a medical emergency (Figure 1).
(e) Left vertebral injection in the early capillary phase showing the relative lack of capillary staining in the left inferolateral cerebellar hemisphere. (f) Three-dimensional digital subtraction angiography shows right PICA (arrow) crossing midline and suppling left PICA territory (arrowhead).
His initial CT scan was performed without contrast and revealed a hypodensity in the right cerebellar hemisphere measuring 3.2 x 2.9 cm with a striated pattern abutting the tentorium with small linear areas of hyperattenuation that were considered to reflect traumatic hemorrhages or calcifications.
Tissue from the cerebellar hemisphere was processed through a multistep protein extraction procedure described previously (Cortes et al.
We report a case of NCC in a buddust's cerebellar hemisphere, the indirect hemagglutination tests were negative, craniotomy was done and two transparent cysts with scolexes were removed, the patient was discharged with good outcome.