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Effect of cisplatin on the cerebellar cortex and spinal cord of adult male albino rat and the possible role of vitamin E: light and electron microscopic study.
Histological study of prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiations on young male albino rats' cerebellar cortex and the role of ginkgo biloba supplementation.
38,39) Of these, precursors of the granule cells and cerebellar nuclei cells, after leaving the upper rhombic lip, migrate tangentially through a subpial stream, (9,38-40) while unipolar brush cells appear to migrate through the white matter (41) before settling in the inner granule cell layer of the cerebellar cortex (Fig.
Most of the Purkinje cells in cerebellar cortex appeared deformed and shrunken loosing their characteristic pyriform shape after two week .
In order for this pathway to continue the input sent to the somatosensory cortex travels through the cerebellar cortex and deep cerebellar nuclei.
The cerebellar cortex, the brain region responsible for motor coordination and learning expresses a high density of GABARs.
The results of these studies show that in senile individuals there is a decline in the thickness of the cerebellar cortex as well as loss of neurons, and hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the astrocytes.
The motor cortex, the cerebellar cortex controlling coordination and the visual cortex were dominant.
Changes in the microanatomy of the cerebellar cortex (Tables 5 and 6; Figure 5), the regression of germinal matrix in the paraventricular areas of the brain, the formulation of glomeruli in the kidneys, and the development of pulmonary acini are parameters that are useful in assessing developmental maturity.
Research by Dobbing and colleagues established the precept of a vulnerable period for neurodevelopment as reviewed elsewhere (Dobbing 1982), which in the human cerebellar cortex extends > 1 year after birth, rendering it susceptible to the effects of postnatal ETS (Dobbing 1982; Friede 1973; Koop et al.
The suppression of activity in the thalamus, for instance, reduces signals related to sensory processing, while the suppression of the basal ganglia, the pontine region and the cerebellar cortex may reduce signals related to other memory systems, such as that underlying procedural learning, for example riding a bicycle.
15) Pkn is the only output of the cerebellar cortex as well as the biggest cerebellar neuron, its cell bodies forms the Purkinje layer that is located in the middle of the cortex, with a dendritic tree that spreads out over the molecular layer to receive synaptic inputs from the stellate and basket interneurons as well as from the excitatory parallel fibers.
In this edition, illustrations are arranged in groups based on similarity of appearance, and there are new photomicrographs and a new chapter on the spinal cord, cerebellar cortex, and cerebral cortex.
GPC promotes the growth, repair, and increased expression of nerve growth factor receptors in the cerebellar cortex, a brain region responsible for coordination and movement control.
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