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Established in 1976, PINES International grows cereal grasses and alfalfa on glacial soils in Kansas and Iowa, USA.
The juice of cereal grasses. Ancient Chinese healing practices.
Cereal Grass: Nature's Greatest Health Gift, edited by Ronald L.
About 10,000 years ago, a weedy grass growing in Mexico that possessed a strange trait known as a "jumping gene" transformed itself into a larger and more useful plant: the cereal grass that we would come to know as maize and then as corn.
Publications like Peter Cox's Why You Don't Need Meat and RC Siebuld's Cereal Grass, What's In It For You?
PINES now uses new state-of-the-art, low-temperature drying facilities that are computer controlled to insure the highest quality rawfood cereal grass and alfalfa.
Seibold's view, due to increased recognition of favoring whole foods rather than their juices, the sales of whole food cereal grass and alfalfa products will grow significantly in the future.
This is the stage of growth in which quality cereal grass products are harvested, Mr.
Synergy Production Laboratories has launched a line of certified organic and Kosher cereal grass juice powders under the Synergized brand name.
The line includes QMI, a one-a-day dietary supplement; QMI Enhanced, which includes the Maxi-Sorb Delivery System; Beyond Food, which contains a supply of food concentrates, cereal grass juices, green foods and vegetable concentrates; Superior Multi, which includes vitamins minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts and green foods; Maxine For Women, which includes hormone balance support, energy support and stress and mood support; Max For Men, which includes prostate, heart, stress and energy support and Vegetarian Support, which includes various amino acids and nutrients.
“My work on development and genomics of cereal grasses contributes directly to the Center's focus on translating basic research into results that provide food and fuel for the U.S.