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a paper box in which breakfast cereals are sold

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In honor of this tradition - and to teach graphic design - Lance Eagen, the graphic design teacher at Churchill High School, has spent the past nine weeks teaching his Computer Graphics 2 design class how to design a cereal box for a fictional cereal brand.
You need: a cereal box, a pencil, scissors, a pen cap, glue, tape, markers, a wire coat hanger)
Rare is the art teacher who hasn't started his or her clay by slurping a cup of coffee and mindlessly staring at the back of a gaudy cereal box.
The honored package is a Kellogg brand cereal box that incorporates a Smyth promotional label to cause consumer interaction at the point of purchase.
Packaged in a stellar themed cereal box, Chocolate Stars provide a little breakfast time education with facts about stars on the back of the pack.
It's taking the classic communication from the back of a cereal box onto the screen--and it has more of a chance of success than customizing a bowl of cereal," he says.
Scissors Empty cereal box Glue Ice-cream stick Tape
For decades, children have sent in cereal box tops - and their addresses - to get magic decoder rings and other sundries.
For example, last year the company introduced its Bag the Box([TM]) campaign which highlights the amount of waste that comes from unnecessary cardboard cereal box packaging.
10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Post Fruity Pebbles and WWE Superstar John Cena are teaming up for a new partnership, which includes a collectable cereal box and an instant-win promotion awarding a VIP meet-and-greet with the talent.
The case focused on cereal box marketing claims that Rice Krispies "helps support your child's immunity," Green said.
Create a field-goal box by cutting an empty cereal box as shown.
Each contains a card toy for the child to assemble while the cereal box is still being used, and the boxes have been designed to become activity kits.
Simi Valley artist Nelson De La Nuez had a booth displaying his humorous mixed media art, including a print of his ``Cereal Killers,'' depicting Capt'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger and other cereal box icons facing a firing squad, and ``The Promised Land,'' which shows Jesus giving directions to Las Vegas to a couple in a convertible.
If a cereal box doesn't list fiber, it's probably made with refined flour.