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a paper box in which breakfast cereals are sold

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Hey @ KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor?
cereal box milk carton egg crate tin can pencil notebook planter jewelry case holder storage Hunter O O X O Daniella X O O O Paige O X O O Owen O O O X
In honor of this tradition - and to teach graphic design - Lance Eagen, the graphic design teacher at Churchill High School, has spent the past nine weeks teaching his Computer Graphics 2 design class how to design a cereal box for a fictional cereal brand.
The cereal box base is cut to open like a book and a model of a Native American home made of recycled cardboard is affixed over a cut-out hole in the cover so that the box opens to reveal the interior of the home.
Not only is the new packaging expected to help consumers save space in their pantries and help retailers make efficient use of shelf space, but it could also help protect and preserve natural resources by using an average of 8 percent less packaging material per cereal box.
The promotion for Give a Child a Book Week, which will take place from 10 June through to 16 June 2007, will include a specially illustrated Cheerios cereal box showing some of Carle's storybook characters.
School districts and parent-teacher organizations have traditionally used various programs to raise supplementary funds for school activities, such as selling products, collecting soup labels and cereal box tops for rewards, and getting rebates from community purchases at participating stores.
A clever ornithopter requires cereal box, paper towel tube, toothpicks, and chopstick.
Let's see how a graphic designer's skills come together to create a common cereal box.
You need: a cereal box, a pencil, scissors, a pen cap, glue, tape, markers, a wire coat hanger)
Rare is the art teacher who hasn't started his or her clay by slurping a cup of coffee and mindlessly staring at the back of a gaudy cereal box.
Instead, he harkens back, as the title of the book implies, to the day when many of us were more interested in the toy in the cereal box than the corn flakes.
The honored package is a Kellogg brand cereal box that incorporates a Smyth promotional label to cause consumer interaction at the point of purchase.
Packaged in a stellar themed cereal box, Chocolate Stars provide a little breakfast time education with facts about stars on the back of the pack.