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The cereal diet also encourages eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains for dinner.A
On top of operating in a zero-growth environment, cereal makers need to contend with grocery retailers who are "forced to be a little bit more selective," Hunter Williams, partner at consulting firm Oliver Wyman, told WSJ.
Trend2: Organic Cereal Launch Likely to be at Center of Strategic Breakfast Cereal Business Expansion
As such, it's no wonder pizza beats cereal as being the healthier breakfast option.
Cereal is a form of food product made from cereal grain which is generally eaten as a breakfast in the western countries.
May 2: Cereal with toast or cinnamon roll, fruit, milk, juice
Lotte Confectionary said Friday it will release four Quaker hot cereal products onto the domestic market April 2.
SUPER MARIO CEREAL, NINTENDO, KELLOGG'S TEAM UP: Super Mario Cereal, Nintendo and Kellogg Co.
Eating a nutrient-filled bowl of cereal can provide benefits beyond just satisfying your morning hunger.
Contributed by researchers from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Europe, the 14 chapters in this volume outline applications of cereal, flour, dough, and cereal product testing methods for food safety and quality from different parts of the production chain, from the cereal breeder and ending in the bakery, brewery, and animal feed compounder.
Cereal remakes its 'boring' image with new products, promos.
AFTER launching Cereal Killer Cafe in trendy Shoreditch and opening another in North London's cool Camden, the cereal killers have opened up shop in Brum.
From a specialist cereal cafe charging Dhs25 a bowl to Nestle teaching us how to make our own healthy version, there's plenty people trying to milk the breakfast business at present.