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tadpole-shaped parasitic larva of a trematode worm

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In this context, the goal of the present work was to complete the description of the cercariae found in the sampling of molluscs of this environment.
Snails which became infected in spring would begin shedding cercariae ~50 days post-infection when wetlands provide green vegetation during early fall senescence.
The destruction of the digestive gland was even more severe may be due to the developing of daughter sporocycts which contains many of the developing cercariae.
Paramphistomum daubneyi and Fasciola hepatica: influence of temperature changes on the shedding of cercariae from dually infected Lymnae atuncatula.
In the absence of cercariae exit, the compression method with the subsequent microscopy was applied [2,3].
4) Humans get infected with this disease when they make contact with water contaminated with the skin-penetrating cercariae.
There is a great intensity of final host animals around the drinking sites during the dry seasons and due to the absence of natural pastures, animals were forced to graze Fasciola encysted cercariae contaminated plants around the canal banks [21].
Another common cause of seasonal clusters of pruritic rashes may be caused by aquatic exposures to the infective stage cercariae of several avian schistosomes, or flatworms, that are released into freshwater lakes and rivers in the tens of thousands by infected aquatic snail intermediate hosts in a complicated life cycle (Figure 2).
mansoni cercariae were obtained from Schistosome Biological Supply Center at Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Imbaba, Giza, Egypt.
Prevalence and epidemiology: The cercariae of liver flukes were observed from a pond first time by Otto Muller in 1773 (Andrews 1999).
gigantica as a result of the ingestion of metacercariae --formed by mature cercariae that emerge from the snail--and which are glued to aquatic vegetables.
We obtained cercariae from red-rim melania snail using the positive-phototaxis methods described by Lo and Lee (1996b) and Umadevi and Madhavi (1997).
Although the main role of cercariae of these parasites, which are components of zooplankton (meroplankton), being to find and infect the target host; secondarily, they play an important role in the trophic web of aquatic environments.
Mice infected with 50 cercariae (BH strain) were intraperitoneally treated at a dose of 50 mg/kg for 5 consecutive days, starting on the 1st, 14th, 28th and 45th days after infection, to evaluate the effect of [beta]-lap on skin schistosomula, lung schistosomula, young worms (before oviposition) and adult worms (after oviposition), respectively.