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extinct lungfish

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Diagnosis: Small species of Ceratodus with five sharp crests on pterygopalatine dental plate; occlusal view of proportions in pterygopalatine dentition generally ovate, with inner angle (ABC of standard biometrics) very obtuse; crests C, and [C.
Distinguishable from Ceratodus guentheri Marsh 1878 [non Kirkland 1987] (=Potamoceratodus guentheri Pardo et al.
Nonetheless, Ceratodus texanus has a dentition that is functionally "ptychoceratodontid", and could ultimately be referred to a formal taxon based on this dental feature and supporting evidence in skull anatomy.
The welcome discovery and publication of cranial material of Ceratodus guentheri has justified referral of that species to a new genus, Potamoceratodus (Pardo et al.
Kirkland (1987) reviewed the occurrences of lungfish in the Mesozoic of North America, and referred all North American Cretaceous lungfish to Ceratodus.
Ceratodus was recovered from the middle member of the Dakota Formation within the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument near the town of Cannonville.
A new species of Cretaceous (Cenomanian) lungfish, Ceratodus carteri is named in honor of the discoverer Brad Carter and represented by seven tooth plates: the holotypic adult pterygopalatine plate, four adult prearticular plates, and two juvenile prearticular plates.