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an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures

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Increase in construction activities has led to the high demand for ceramic tiles across the globe.
The Ceramic tile market in India has witnessed an unprecedented growth chiefly due to an increase in the number of earning individuals and disposable income and also boom in the real estate sector.
More than 20 leading Turkish ceramic companies will be showcasing their latest collections at the event.
RAK Ceramics retained its top ranking among the 25 biggest ceramic tile manufacturers of 2010 after further raising its production output to 117 million sq m from 115 million square metres in 2009.
Large workforce RAK Ceramics produces ceramic tiles, sanitaryware and tableware through its worldwide production and distribution facilities which collectively employ a workforce of 15,000 people.
As a leader in the field, Kyocera has usedits original technologies to establish new markets and create entire new lines of innovative fine ceramic products.
Chairman of the The Indonesian Ceramic Association (ASAKI) Achmad Wijaya said shortage in gas supply for ceramic industry began three years ago.
Electric infrared panel-type ceramic heaters for thermoforming and other noncontact heating applications.
Beneath the shimmer of an oyster's mother-of-pearl, an intricate microstructure bestows both strength and toughness on the natural ceramic.
The answer is a method of casting that lies halfway between traditional sand techniques and investment casting that is commonly referred to as ceramic molding.
The American Ceramics Society (ACS; Westerville, OH) will begin the publication of International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology with an issue in February 2004.
Varieties of tile range from inexpensive, glazed ceramic squares to pricey slate slabs and everything in between.
Critical to the proliferation of microwave communications was the discovery of a small number of ceramic materials with special properties permitting them to be used as dielectric resonators and filters, thereby enabling them to function as "talking ceramics.
On the basis of product type, monolithic ceramics are the largest consumed product type of advanced ceramics, followed by ceramic matrix composites.
The world's first full ceramic screw for extrusion of abrasive, highly filled materials was developed this year by H.