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an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures

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Firstly, the report provides a basic overview of the Ceramic Rod Market including its definition, applications and manufacturing technology.
The Ceramic tile market in India has witnessed an unprecedented growth chiefly due to an increase in the number of earning individuals and disposable income and also boom in the real estate sector.
With this deal, Rallen, which owns the majority stakes in both Italtile and Ceramic Industries, has acquired 7.
More than 20 leading Turkish ceramic companies will be showcasing their latest collections at the event.
RAK Ceramics retained its top ranking among the 25 biggest ceramic tile manufacturers of 2010 after further raising its production output to 117 million sq m from 115 million square metres in 2009.
Large workforce RAK Ceramics produces ceramic tiles, sanitaryware and tableware through its worldwide production and distribution facilities which collectively employ a workforce of 15,000 people.
As a leader in the field, Kyocera has usedits original technologies to establish new markets and create entire new lines of innovative fine ceramic products.
Chairman of the The Indonesian Ceramic Association (ASAKI) Achmad Wijaya said shortage in gas supply for ceramic industry began three years ago.
International Technical Ceramics, PO Box 1726, Ponte Vedra, FL, 32004 tel: 904/285-0200 fax: 904/273-1616#
Heating elements, specializing in high-watt-density swaged cartridge beaters, electric infrared quartz radiant heaters, ceramic heaters, resistance coil beaters, thermo-couples, temperature controls and accessories.
The word Ceramic can be traced back to the Greek term keramos, meaning "a potter" or "pottery.
Inclusive of succinct biographies, detailed descriptions, illustrative photographs, and approximate pricing for hand-crafted ceramic products, Studio Ceramics In Canada opens its readers to nearly a hundred years of the creative practice of clay arts in the provinces of Canada.
Beneath the shimmer of an oyster's mother-of-pearl, an intricate microstructure bestows both strength and toughness on the natural ceramic.
The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has announced the debut of their International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, a quarterly periodical focused on ceramic product development and commercialization.
Consumers may have preconceived notions that ceramic cutlery is fragile or too expensive.