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On a visit to system MBDA in Bristol, defence minister Harriett Baldwin said: "Sea Ceptor will protect our interests against threats both known and unknown.
Mr Hammond said: "The production of Sea Ceptor will be a huge boost to the UK's worldleading missile industry, providing hundreds of jobs and once again proves our commitment to providing battle-winning technology to our Armed Forces.
Sea Ceptor will initially be used on the Navy's Type 23 frigates, but in the future it could be adapted for use by the Army and RAF.
Billed as is the first serious development of the Inter ceptor for more than30 years, it is powered by a 6.
This will enable Ceptor and its experienced management team to continue executing on its business plan unabated.
HMS ARGYLL SUCCESSFULLY conducted the first firings of the Sea Ceptor system, an event being heralded as a major milestone for the Royal Navy (RN) as it brings its upgraded Type 23 frigates back into service.
Designed and manufactured by MBDA in the UK, CAMM will be deployed using the Sea Ceptor and Land Ceptor weapon systems that will protect the Royal Navys Type 23 and future Type 26 warships, as well as enhancing the British Armys Ground Based Air Defence system.
Although its prime role will be I anti-submarine warfare The 'Type 26' class' new Sea Ceptor SAM system, and its accompanying Type-997 3D radar, will add significantly to the Royal Navy's air defence capabilities.
Reportedly, these microwave subsystems are for use in the Sea Ceptor programme, MBDA's next generation, single-tier, all-weather air defence system.
Significantly, Sea Ceptor is also planned to be the principal air defence system on the successor Type 26 Global Combat Ship and it is also thought it could be adapted for use by the army on land.
Fired from warships, the Sea Ceptor will be capable of travelling at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 3.
based biotechnology company (through its Ceptor unit) has applied for orphan drug status for Myodur, a drug for muscular dystrophy.
Signalling our continued investment in Type 26 programme, CAMM will provide the anti-air defence capability on the new Type 26 Frigates for the Royal Navy and will also form part of the Sea Ceptor weapon system on the Type 23 Frigate and will also enhance the British Armys Ground Based Air Defence capability by replacing the in-service Rapier system.
With its Aster, Sea Ceptor and Exocet missile systems, MBDA will be able to offer the latest capabilities in both naval air defence and long-range anti-ship operations.
The GCS will also include a vertical launcher system mounted forward from which MBDA's Sea Ceptor Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) will be launched.