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measurement of human heads

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Role of cephalometry in evaluation of vertical dimension.
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It provides following features that can be utilized in all specialties of dentistry, 3D CT Scan, 3D model scanning, Extra oral imaging, Cephalometry KCD staff members will be trained individually about its usage by Company Expert.
identification of War Dead by Means of Roentgenographic Cephalometry. Quartermaster Research and Engineering Command USA, Technical Report EP-125, Natick, MA; 1960.
Finally, the landmarks are detected on contours according to their definition in cephalometry. This method was only tested by two high quality cephalometric radiographs.
Our previous studies on brain size, head and face size using cephalometry indicated ethnical variation between Turkmen and native Fars people [25-27].
Moreover, this low-cost method bears no risk of irradiation compared to cephalometry [18].
's (32) study investigating changes in soft tissue profile following RME through cephalometry reported concomitant lip adaptations to forward movement of maxilla, such as anterior positioning of the soft tissue A point and upper lip tip in relation to the referenced vertical plane.
Ricketts, Bench, Gugino, Hilger and Schulhof (1979) classified facial features into vertical facial patterns (brachy, meso and dolichofacial) using lateral cephalometry. These patterns can be applied for the prediction of growth in each of facial pattern and for the establishment of treatment goals and have been used as the index of skeletal malocclusion and facial morphology (Nakakawaji, Kodachi, Sakamoto, Harazaki, & Isshiki, 2002).
Donald and Brown were the first users of ultrasound for measuring the fetal biparietal diameter.3 Later others defined the basic methodology and fetal cephalometry.4
Systematic analysis of cephalometry in obstructive sleep apnea in Asian children.