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a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays)

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Following measurements based on the selected points were obtained from the cephalometric radiographs.
Lateral and posteroanterior (PA) cephalometric radiographs were taken at the beginning of the treatment (TO), end of the expansion (Tl) and at the end of the 3-month retention period (T2).
The analysis of linear and angular parameters on the lateral cephalometric radiographs of patients with malocclusions class I, II and III revealed the difference in the value of the craniocervical angle between the groups, as well as the correlation between craniocervical angulation and parameters of the sagittal position and length of the jaws.
All cephalometric parameters were measured on standardized lateral cephalometric radiographs by A.C.
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate two groups of subjects presenting different facial traits with a clinically balanced soft tissue profile using cephalometric radiographs.
The genial tubercle and genioglossus muscle can be identified by finger palpation in the floor of the mouth and with the aid of the lateral cephalometric radiograph. It is recommended that the superior horizontal bone cut be at least 5 mm below the root apices to minimize paresthesia of the teeth.
Three different methods are used to evaluate the cephalometric radiographs. The conventional cephalometric analysis is one of the methods, which is performed by tracing radiographic landmarks on acetate overlays and measuring linear and angular values.
Scheme used to determine the skeletal classes as for cephalometric measurements: Steiner's ANB angle on standart lateral cephalometric radiograph. OP= occlusal plane, N= nasion, A= subspinale and B= supramentale.
Caption: Figure 2: Lateral cephalometric radiograph taken prior to orthodontic treatment showing a calcified mass above the apex of the upper right canine.
Caption: Figure 7: Posttreatment facial and intraoral photographs, and cephalometric radiograph.
During the initial visit, appointment was scheduled for complete medical examination, lateral cephalometric radiograph, panoramic radiograph, and impressions for study models, maxillomandibular relations and face bow transfer.
The procedure needed for the new method are; Rapidceph, cephalometric radiograph, hand tracing of the skeleton-dental structures.
Gonial angle measured from panoramic radiograph (OPG) is found to be more reliable than lateral cephalometric radiograph. It is difficult to measure gonial angle accurately on the cephalometric radiograph as there is superimposition of the left and right sides angle.
Comparison of 2D and 3D imaging systems Imaging techniques Effective dose ([micro]Sv) Cost Periapical radiograph <1.5* X Panoramic radiograph 2.7-24.3 2X Cephalometric radiograph <6 2X CBCT Dentoalveolar CBCT 11-674 (61) Maxillofacial CBCT 30-1073 10-20X MSCT maxillo-mandibular 280 - 1410 10-20X