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Fifty Cephalometric radiographs of untreated AOB patients (23 males, 27 females) who visited department of Orthodontics, during May 2016 to May 2017 were included.
We investigated the cephalometric images of 220 individuals aged 16-74 years who visited orthodontic clinics with various complaints.
The cephalometric measurements of pre- and post-treatment are showed favorable treatment results on the sagittal plane.
elliptic Fourier analysis, finite element analysis, tensor and shape coordinate analysis) has been used as an alternative method to overcome the analytical limitations of conventional cephalometric analysis (CCA) (McIntyre & Mossey, 2003; Halazonetis, 2004).
Because both the measurements calculate the sagittal discrepancy, it seems reasonable that there should be a correlation between the two cephalometric values.
The formula derived for evaluating skeletal age in cephalometric radiographs is reliable and can be applied to both girl and boy subjects for legal requirements or therapeutic needs of age estimation.
Lateral and posteroanterior (PA) cephalometric radiographs were taken at the beginning of the treatment (TO), end of the expansion (Tl) and at the end of the 3-month retention period (T2).
Lateral cephalometric and panoramic radiographs were obtained.
The importance of facial aesthetics and relationships of the soft tissues in orthodontic treatment was emphasized by Ricketts, He observed that the ideal for one patient might not be for another, for which the results of the cephalometric analysis vary by race or ethnic group, because they have different growth and physical characteristics due to genetic influences, there fore orthodontic treatment's needs are different and must be adapted to the characteristics of each person (8-13).
Cephalometric and demographic characteristics of obstructive sleep apnea: an evaluation with partial least squares analysis.
The sensors also eliminate the tedious, time-consuming switching between the panoramic X-ray unit and the cephalometric arm, the company said.
By conducting cephalometric radiation analysis on short-statured children (average age one to two), Kjellberg et al (7) reported that both children with or without GHD are influenced identically in the growth and development of stature and face.
The electrocardiogram, chest radiographs, cephalometric examination, and brain magnetic resonance venography were normal.
A total of 218 adults (101 unmodified crania, 117 modified crania) were used for the study due to the requirement of the mandible for the cephalometric analyses despite the availability of more crania in the museum collections (Table 2).
Individuals for the study were assessed clinically and selected after analyzing the lateral cephalometric radiographs.