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Synonyms for cephalohematoma

a collection of blood under the scalp of a newborn

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Three main differentials for pediatric head swelling are caput succedaneums, subgaleal hemorrhage, and cephalohematomas.
Cephalohematoma occurred in 4% of the forceps deliveries and 15% of the vacuum deliveries, Dr.
Stavis' credibility considering that he testified on direct examination, at length, that a cephalohematoma was not present and, to the contrary, that a neuroradiologist, the true expert according to Dr.
Vacuum-assisted deliveries have a low risk of complications such as cephalohematoma when the cup is placed in the midline of the fetus's head with the center of the cup 3 cm in front of the posterior fontanel, and when the cup is applied only when the fetus is in a low station with the fetal caput visible, said Dr.
The groups did not significantly differ in their rates of respiratory distress syndrome, cephalohematoma, fracture, brachial plexus injury, seizure, facial nerve injury, or 5-minute Apgar scores less than 5.