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a collection of blood under the scalp of a newborn

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Infants who were born at less than 36 weeks gestational age were also excluded as well as newborn with severe facial bruising or cephalohematoma from more detailed analysis.
4% had Rh incompatibility and cephalohematoma was present in 4.
A cephalohematoma is blood collection under the periosteum of a given cranial bone and, due to this anatomic location, is confined by the cranial sutures.
Cephalohematoma was observed in 5 and 4 babies presented with erosions, lacerations, petechiae or ecchymoses mostly on presenting part.
Patients were excluded from the study if findings showed septicemia, pulmonary disease, hypoxia/anoxia, other congenital anomalies, chromosomal anomalies, metabolic disease, cephalohematoma, ecchymosis, polycythemia, and systemic disease or any other disease that would cause free radicals to form.
Imaging studies demonstrated evidence of a cephalohematoma, pneumobilia, duodenal contusions, minimal free fluid on Morrison's pouch, and a left femoral shaft fracture.
Unlike a cephalohematoma, this bleed crosses suture lines.
Infants at high risk of severe hyperbilirubinemia are those with jaundice in the first 24 hours, predischarge bilirubin levels in the high-risk zone, blood group incompatibility by positive DAT (direct antiglobulin test or the direct Coombs test) or hemolytic disease, gestational age between 35 to 36 weeks, a previous sibling with phototherapy treatment, and cephalohematoma.