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a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays)

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1) ANB >5[degrees], SNB <77[degrees], overjet >5 mm at prelateral cephalograms
This is the reason for which most of the evaluations were carried out from the lateral cephalogram taken at the age of 9 years.
To evaluate the stage of skeletal maturation of each cephalogram according to the method described by Hassel and Farman[3].
The lateral cephalogram was digitized in the University of Manchester, Department of Orthodontics, using an IBM[R]-compatible computer.
Lower incisors were upright (IMPA 79-89 degrees) superimposition of pre- and post-treatment cephalograms asserted the changes.
The gonial angle was determined by tracing a tangent to the lower border of the mandible and another tangent to the posterior ramus of the mandible both on OPG and lateral cephalogram manually and measured with the help of protractor.
The amount of torque needed can be assessed by lateral cephalogram or computer tomography methods.
Finally, it is concluded that important morphological differences are shown between the studied average values, under comparison with the normal cephalogram parameters as are presented by Rocabado and some others studies on not mapuche individuals.
1) By determining the morphology of the soft palate in the lateral cephalogram it may be useful in determining the various morphological types in normal individuals.
Other investigations include clinical photographs, full mouth IOPA, OPG and lateral cephalogram.
24) Gateno et al also compared the occlusal plane inclination of mounted models, but they used three different face bow systems measuring the occlusal plane with a cephalogram for orthognathic surgery.
The lateral cephalogram showed a long face with an increased Frankfort-mandibular plane angle (Figure 2A).
All the necessary records were made which included photographs, study models, Orthopantomogram and lateral cephalogram (Figure 1 A-G) once the alignment and leveling was completed.
Out of all the attributes assessed on the lateral cephalogram, results of this study shows that point B received "Rating 1" in 99.
The lateral cephalogram depicted a small radiopaque mass in the symphysis region (Figure 4).