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protrusion of brain tissue through a congenital fissure in the skull

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Jugular fossa meningoceles may not fit exactly into skull base cephalocele classifications.
Nasal cerebral heterotopia: Nasal atretic cephalocele.
Neurodevelopment in the setting of a cephalocele, in which brain tissue herniates through the defect, depends on the size of the lesion, the amount of herniated cerebral tissue, and associated anomalies.
INTRODUCTION: Meckel Gruber syndrome is a rare, lethal syndrome characterized by occipital cephalocele, post axial polydactyly and dysplastic cystic kidneys.
Other major malformations of abnormal dorsal induction are cephalocele and the Chiari II malformation.
Once the molar tooth sign is identified, the brain MRI scan should be reviewed for other associated abnormalities including abnormal configuration and malrotation of the hippocampi, callosal dysgenesis, malformations of cortical development and cephaloceles, which have been described in a sizeable number of patients with JSRDs.