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The researchers examined seven categories of adverse events, including brachial neuritis; paralytic syndromes, medically attended inflammatory or allergic events; "anaphylaxis and generalized reaction"; and meningitis, en-* cephalitis, and encephalopathy.
Children presented with fever and altered con- sciousness with or without fits, MP positive on smear or patients with strong clinical suspicion of cerebral malaria who responded to antimalarial therapy were included in the study.Patients with encephalopathy due to other causes (like menin- gitis, encephalitis and poisoning) or patients re- ceiving multiple therapies (like meningitis and en- cephalitis treatment) along with antimalarial were excluded from the study.
Down in Maracay back in '36, Kubes and RiosF found a virus doin' tricks, Horses die, this one's gotta be, New cause of 'cephalitis, [V-E-E..sup.G] Voice-over: Horses, mules, and donkeys are all susceptible.
I just want to go home." The retired engineer was reluctantly admitted to hospital in February this year suffering with severe swelling, cephalitis and a chest infection.
William, from Hamilton, fell ill with cephalitis, an inflammation of the brain caused by a virus, last year.