cephalic vein

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a large vein of the arm that empties into the axillary vein

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A second 18 gauge IV catheter was placed in the right cephalic vein.
The patient could not extend his elbow, and the decision was made to access the left cephalic vein via a right groin approach from the right common femoral vein.
The cephalic vein of the left arm and the basilic vein of the right arm were also tender and indurated.
The cephalic vein lies on the lateral or outside aspect of the arm and provides the second choice if the patient's medial vein is inaccessible in either arm.
After obtaining the saliva samples, 1-mL blood samples were obtained through an intravenous catheter from the cephalic vein in the cubital fossa.
The slim lead body and the surface coating results in excellent handling characteristics, which facilitated dual-lead introduction through the cephalic vein.