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Synonyms for presentation

Synonyms for presentation

the act of conferring, as of an honor

something bestowed freely

the instance or occasion of being presented for the first time to society

Synonyms for presentation

the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward)

Related Words

the act of making something publicly available

the act of presenting a proposal

a visual representation of something

formally making a person known to another or to the public

(obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal

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Their analysis included data on 313,238 singleton births with cephalic presentations delivered between 27 and 43 weeks' gestation.
Ultrasound examination revealed single fetus with cephalic presentation, normal fetal cardiac activity, moderately reduced liquor and upper segment placenta.
Conclusion: External cephalic version at 34 and 35 weeks increase the likelihood of cephalic presentation at birth but it does not decrease the rate of cesarean sections and may increase the rate of preterm birth in the early ECV group.
The inclusion criteria were: singleton pregnancy at 36-42 weeks, normal fetal heart rate pattern and cephalic presentation.
Uterus was 32 weeks size, relaxed with cephalic presentation.
ten Eikelder of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Leiden (the Netherlands) University Medical Center and her associates in 28 other Dutch hospitals, enrolled 1,845 women with a term singleton pregnancy in cephalic presentation, intact membranes, an unfavorable cervix, without prior cesarean section.
Patients and Methods: One hundred primi or second gravidas with uncomplicated singleton pregnancies having cephalic presentation at 40+1-5 weeks of gestation were enrolled after informed consent, and divided randomly into two groups of fifty each.
Inclusion criteria was singleton pregnancy with cephalic presentation at term.
POPULATION STUDIED The study included 71 women who presented to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center with indications for labor induction, singleton gestations with cephalic presentation, intact membranes, reactive nonstress tests, no previous uterine surgery, and unfavorable cervices (Bishop score [greater than or equal to] 6).
All the pregnant patients with singleton pregnancies in cephalic presentation with gestational age 3742 wks.
13, 2003, and April 4,2011, who were pregnant with twins with an estimated weight of between 1,500 g and 4,000 g each and whose first twin was in the cephalic presentation.
Abdominal examination showed fundal height of 34 week, longitudinal lie with cephalic presentation, generalized tenderness all over abdomen.
The patients with gestational age more than 37 weeks who presented with meconium stained liquor and cephalic presentation were included and the foetal outcome and mode of delivery was assessed in all such subjects.
The inclusion criteria were singleton term pregnancies, cephalic presentation, the presence of nuchal cord, and no other significant associated pathology.
Population studied Study subjects included pregnant women of at least 37 weeks' gestation with an indication for induction, a single live fetus, intact membranes, and cephalic presentation.