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ratio (in percent) of the maximum breadth to the maximum length of a skull

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Cephalic Index was calculated as a proportion of head width to head length expressed as a percentage as follows:
11] conducted the study of cephalic index in Gujarat region.
The cephalic index for males is higher than in females resulting in a different frontal face view of the sexes (= sexual dimorphism).
To determine the cephalic index (CI), a spreading cranial calipers (GPM Instruments, Switzerland) was used to measure the euryon-to-euryon distance divided by the distance from glabella to opisthocranium.
For assessing the cephalic index the Hrdlicka's method was used: the head-length (hl)-greatest anteroposterior diameter, and the head-breadth (hb) maximum transverse diameter between two fixed points were measured with the subjects positioned on a table.
Aims & Objectives: To study the cephalic index, in Vindhya region of Madhya Pradesh.
Cephalic index were determined on the basis of International Anatomical Descriptive (Williams et al.
The horizontal cephalic index indicates that their head belongs to brachycephalic type (Coon, 1939; Dhima; Gunter, 1927; Mcculloch, 2008; Ylli).
It is observed variability of the components that constitute the arterial cerebral circle when it is considered to be the side, the sex and cephalic index.
This descriptive investigation was undertaken on 198 young Turkman males to determine the cephalic index and head phenotype among them in Gorgan, North of Iran.
The most important of cephalometric dimension are height and weight of head that with using of them we can determine cephalic index.
The objective of this study is to complement the data collected in previous researchs being studied the possible biometrical relation between the cephalic index, the cerebellar fossa, clivus and the basilar artery in the studied specimens.