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of or relating to the head


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In the absence of data on cephalic morphology, species discrimination of these specimens remains uncertain.
Cephalic neuromasts: supraorbital 4 + 4, parietal 2, anterior rostral 1, posterior rostral 1, infraorbital 1 +1 + 1, preorbital 1, otic 1, postotic 1, preopercular 1, mandibular 2 or 4.
The index case occurred in a ferret with a cephalic implant.
Flow-by oxygen was provided on presentation, an 18 gauge intravenous catheter was immediately placed in the left cephalic vein, and a 1 liter bolus of lactated ringer's solution was given rapidly.
The patient could not extend his elbow, and the decision was made to access the left cephalic vein via a right groin approach from the right common femoral vein.
Cephalic Phase Digestive Response - which is a scientific term for taste, pleasure, aroma, satisfaction, and our visuals of a meal.
The cephalic portion was thinned and placed in a precise subperiosteal pocket over the central nasal bones (figure 4).
The TBS is the first large randomised controlled trial that has been done to compare the efficacy and safety of the two modes of delivery -- normal vaginal delivery and Caesarean section -- in twin pregnancies where both the foetuses are in cephalic or head-first presentation (the normal foetal position to come down the birth canal).
The system can be used in various clinical applications, including cardiac (both adult and pediatric), peripheral vascular, abdominal, pediatric, small organ, neonatal/adult cephalic, transcranial, breast, musculoskeletal, obstetrics and gynecological exams.
All participants had singleton pregnancies, term babies and cephalic presentations.
Coloration of live specimens was olive-green brown with rusty brown vermiculations obvious on the cephalic region.
Every patient has only four superficial upper extremity veins, the cephalic and the basilic vein in each arm.
In our study, cephalic tentacle assays demonstrated that the cell extracts of the hypobranchial gland contain chemical cues that are sensed by conspecifics.
One of my fellow-trainees was pushing a mobile scanner, with a big smile on his face because at last we could distinguish a breech from a cephalic presentation.
A spontaneous movement into the vertex position or a successful external cephalic version were considered successful conversions.