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of or relating to the head


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A pre-procedure ultrasound was done for assessment of fetal parameters, following which gentle attempt of external cephalic version (ECV) was made.
This additional cephalic part (II) was wide, massive and was fully connected with the properly developed prosoma (I).
For assessing the cephalic index the Hrdlicka's method was used: the head-length (hl)-greatest anteroposterior diameter, and the head-breadth (hb) maximum transverse diameter between two fixed points were measured with the subjects positioned on a table.
Let's begin with a possible medical board question: According to the Practice Bulletin, which of the following is TRUE about external cephalic version (ECV)?
The relatively steep learning curve of axillary vein puncture is an issue, and innovations in the axillary vein puncture have been proposed recently, such as using the cephalic vein as anatomic landmark,[sup][19] introducing guidewire retrogradely from the femoral vein up to the left axillary vein as roadmap,[sup][20] and utilizing the caudal fluoroscopic view.
In the laboratory experiment, it was investigated the existence of correlations between the cephalic size of ants and the size of leaf fragments being carried for ants known to have cut the fragments themselves (CaT), and for those known to transport fragments that they had not cut themselves (T).
Autologous Arteriovenous Fistula (AAVF) is the common vascular access created for haemodialysis, commonly done in upper limb at wrist between Radial artery and cephalic vein creating a venous hood on Radial artery.
The first interval is cleavage, which commenced with fertilization ending at blastula, the second interval begins with gastrula stage until hatching stage, and finally, the third interval starts with trochophore and ends with the appearance of the third tubule on cephalic tentacles.
Cephalic posture has been traditionally studied because of the biomechanical relationship existing between the cervical spine, head, and dentofacial structures [1].
The majority of authors agree that, for the syndrome to present, a cephalic spread of the local anesthetic is necessary, leading to an interruption of the sympathetic chain from C8 to T1 before entering the superior cervical ganglion.
From an obstetric perspective the first twin would need to be cephalic (head down) and there should not be any other significant obstetric- related concerns," concluded Dr Michailidis.
Brazil first reported an outbreak of Zika virus infections in April 2015, followed months later by a spike in the number of infants born with microcephaly, a birth defect defined by a cephalic circumference of 32 cm or less in newborns.
High frequency of micro cephalic babies (small headed) was reported in Brazil in 2015.
And if it's cephalic I'll try and get the cal[varium] first, but if I'm struggling getting the cal, usually it's a function of how good my dilation is, often times it's hard to get around the cal.
Until now, researchers used traditional parameters such as head length, head width, cephalic index, facial index, and so on.