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Fryzel, who oversaw the agency though what he described as "the most difficult year" in the centurylong history of credit unions, reiterated his desire to look forward several times during the meeting when confronted with questioners whose emotions about the events of the past year still seemed a little raw.
And while O'Driscoll admits today does not hold such a deep historical context, he believe the centurylong wait for victory over the All Blacks has created its own atmosphere.
But Scott and screenwriter William Monahan have craftily solved most of the thorny problems by beginning their tale toward the end of the nearly centurylong truce that followed the Crusaders' bloody conquest of Jerusalem in 1099; correctly pinning the lion's share of the blame for re-igniting hostilities on a couple of rash Christian belligerents; making the Muslims look good in comparison by more thoroughly detailing Frankish deviltry and, perhaps most importantly, bestowing the most sympathetic characters with an anachronistic post-French Enlightenment humanistic attitude that, while not denying God, at least suggests a desire on their part to take an extended vacation from doing His fighting.
THE election of the new president of the Denbighshire & Flintshire Agricultural Society completes a centurylong unique family hat-trick.
And this, surely, is the remarkable point about the breakdown of a centurylong prejudice.
A change in a centurylong ownership, reorganization of the newsroom, the Enquirer scandal, and the change in top editors has taken its toll.
The Pulliams engaged in a centurylong defense of First Amendment freedoms and fought political allies who abused them.