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Though the century plant was the basis for alcoholic beverages in precolonial Mexico--bourbon, the corn booze, is a North American curse-corn was the chief ingredient in horchata, Mexico's most popular nonalcoholic drink before the arrival of soft drinks.
The century plant produces yellow and purple flowers on dramatic 12-foot stalks.
Semitropical' is semiarid here, where the cacti sometimes grow, as well as the local version of the Christmas tree--the century plant, which, somewhat like its northern counterpart, blooms once and dies.
While I was there, I saw a small exhibition of 17th century plant illustrations in the Royal Library (Amazing Rare Things, which is showing until September 28.
When you think of agaves, you probably conjure up pictures of the century plant (Agave Americana), a forbidding species whose splayed and leathery leaves may exceed 6 feet in length.
The striking Century Plant has thrown up a massive 20ft beanstalk-like flower through the glass at the university's Treborth Botanic Garden.
Parry's Century Plant, Flagstaff form, left, is one of the largest and most cold-hardy varieties of agave.
The Agave Americana 'Marginata' commonly known as the Century Plant, has reached the stunning height of 25ft 9in.
But it also needs solid form from plants like fuchsias, camellias, rhododendrons, and the sculptural century plant (Agave americana) with its huge cutlass-shaped leaves.
Has: mesquite, white crepe myrtle, pink crepe myrtle, mimosa, McIntosh ash, silver maple, chinaberry, century plant, mount laurel, red bud, live oak, red oak, morning glory vines, bluebonnets, holly
Scientists at the University of Wales, Bangor, have waited 28 years to see the Century Plant (Agave americana) blossom.
We are often said to be a nation of gardeners but even the greenest-fingered expert would baulk at growing the Century Plant.
2 -- color) A century plant - agave parryl - looks like an alien being among other foliage at the Los Angeles Zoo.
Nigel was away for the weekend when his Mexican Agave Americana Century Plant put on a six-foot spurt, sending a flower stalk with 3,000 blossoms through the glass.
THE TOWN'S Bersham Ironworks will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Mill Building this month on the site of John Wilkinson's 18th century plant, which is now a museum.