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The Century Plant will give us the ability to grow as we did in 2008 on a much larger scale and at lower cost.
Nigel Brown with the century plant he planted 28 years ago which has burst through the greenhouse roof at Bangor University's Treborth botanic garden Picture: GERALLT RADCUFFE RAD110907CenturyPlant-1
The Century Plant is so called because it can live up to 100 years and blooms only once in its lifetime, after which it dies.
Construction of Century Plant Phase 1 is on target for completion in the second quarter of 2010.
Scientists at the University of Wales, Bangor, have waited 28 years to see the Century Plant (Agave americana) blossom.
We are often said to be a nation of gardeners but even the greenest-fingered expert would baulk at growing the Century Plant.
2 -- color) A century plant - agave parryl - looks like an alien being among other foliage at the Los Angeles Zoo.
Ward added, "Kevin played a prominent role in finalizing the Century Plant agreement with Occidental Petroleum last summer.
Nigel was away for the weekend when his Mexican Agave Americana Century Plant put on a six-foot spurt, sending a flower stalk with 3,000 blossoms through the glass.
THE TOWN'S Bersham Ironworks will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Mill Building this month on the site of John Wilkinson's 18th century plant, which is now a museum.
As we move into 2010 and 2011 with the start-up of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Century Plant, we will be able to grow at a rate of 30% or more in those years.
What makes this plant amazing: The century plant was given to Lewis 25 years ago by Beatrice Wood, a nationally known artist and sculptor who lived in Ojai, and died only a few years ago at 105.
Visitors are flocking to see century plant cactus, also called agave mitis.
Maguey refers to various forms of the a gave and furcraea genus, also called the century plant, and fibers from these plants are used to create many classic Guatemalan textiles.
Agave, the century plant, is a vicious but startling-looking species due to the spikes at the end of each leaf, so handle with care.