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Let its writers make time to write English more as a learned language; and completing that correction of style which had only gone a certain way in the last century, raise the general level of language towards their own.
Saintsbury's book--a writer who has dealt with all the perturbing influences of our century in a manner as classical, as idiomatic, as easy and elegant, as Steele's:
His name is mentioned by Avienus; by Suidas, a celebrated critic, at the close of the eleventh century, who gives in his lexicon several isolated verses of his version of the fables; and by John Tzetzes, a grammarian and poet of Constantinople, who lived during the latter half of the twelfth century.
Their letters and disputations on this subject, enlivened on both sides with much wit and learning, will ever bear a conspicuous place in the literary history of the seventeenth century. The arguments of Dr.
"The aggressive schedule was fueled by Century 21's goal to open in time for 'back to school' shopping, one of the busiest and most profitable retail periods of the year," said Barry Fries, chief executive officer of B.R.
Historians who have studied earlier periods, such as Anna Bryson (early modern England), Richard Bushman, or John Kasson (eighteenth and nineteenth-century U.S.) will appreciate how he describes the distinctive overall trend of "informalization" of the twentieth century, and yet connects it to the processes of rising self-controls that all scholars have been tracing since Norbert Elias put (early modern) manners on the map.
In Russia, Denmark, and France, where ballet was well established and publicly subsidized before the 20th century, men continued to dominate artistically and organizationally.
By the mid-18th century, however, a significant aesthetic change had occurred.
A number of identifiable and significant shifts occurred in Baptist missions work in the twentieth century. Some of these changes are obvious to those who have studied--even in a superficial way--the history of Baptist missions.
He disguises this in the story by recounting the adventures of a man who in many different situations tries to convince his sixth century countrymen of the truth in his radical- sounding, yet undeniably correct, 19th century ideas.
Throughout the 18th century, most of the elderly did not need public relief under the Old Poor Law, indicating the strength of community and family values to provide support for the aged.
Church history is full of accounts of so-called "strong" popes who wielded their authority like absolute monarchs--men like Leo I, who in the fifth century established the primacy of the bishop of Rome over all other bishops, or Gregory VII, who in the 11th century seized control of the church from local lords and vigorously stamped out simony and other clergy abuses.
As students work through the long, complex fictions the eighteenth century offers, I have found centering our investigation on character, setting, plot, and time enormously helpful.
By the first century B.C., sexual mores had been abandoned, and the former sanctity of marriage forgotten.
The discipline of usul al-fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence) has many branches, and in 1987 ITS published a translation of al-Shafi i's Risala, a book that laid the foundations for Islamic jurisprudence in the second Islamic century. Recently, it has launched a series on Fundamental Rights and Liberties in Islam, and produced three volumes authored by M.