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(ancient Rome) the leader of 100 soldiers

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Centurion Casualty s ratings acknowledge its excellent risk-adjusted capitalization and consistently profitable operating results.
Prices are pounds 88,315 for the Quattroporte for Centurion 4.
Complete information about the Centurion in-building wireless line, including technical specifications downloads, is located on the Centurion Web site at http://www.
World War II ended before the Centurion was able to prove itself but the Korean Conflict changed that.
This program allows all the motion and I/O functions of the Centurion to be utilized.
Ex-Royal Marine Commando Rees heads up the Centurion staff of 16 instructors, all ex-commandos.
So the emissaries from the Roman centurion come face to face With the divine emissary from God.
The Centurion gives contractors the specialized machine they need to handle the specifications of today's pipeline projects," said Paul Evans, president of CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc.
Calais is one of sports' brightest young stars," said Michael Bilello, president and CEO of Centurion Strategies.
July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- American Express Centurion Bank today announced that it will relocate its headquarters to One Christina Centre, Wilmington, Del.
LOUIS -- Centurion Technologies, the pioneer and a leading provider in hard drive and configuration protection hardware and software, releases today Smart Restart(TM), a new security software solution designed specifically to protect home computers.
The three bank holding companies include Valley National Corporation, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Key Centurion Bancshares, Inc, headquartered in Charleston, West Virginia, and First Community Bancorp, Inc.
22 /PRNewsire/ -- The board of directors of Key Centurion Bancshares, Inc.
Luxury travel continues to evolve and it is critical to anticipate customers' future needs if we are to stay market leaders in the luxury sector," said Lynne Biggar, senior vice president and general manager of the American Express Consumer Travel Network, with a focus on luxury travel benefits and programs catering to premium for Platinum Card(R) and Centurion Card(R) members.