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the main body of a vertebra

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Influence of Science Centrum to Students' Science Learning
This result confirmed the findings of McClafferty and Rennie (1997) that visiting a science centrum resulted in a positive cognition among the students.
Influence of the Science Centrum to Students' Attitude to Science
As shown in table 2, the students' attitude towards science improved dramatically after the science centrum experience as indicated by the grand mean of 4.
1994) attitude of an instruction program at the science centrum positively influence students' attitude toward science learning.
The respondents had generally wholesome educational experience at the science centrum as revealed in Table 3.
Also, they found the exhibits attractive and the centrum staff knowledgeable of the principles demonstrated by the display.
Although an explanation about the principles depicted in every exhibit was given by the centrum staff, the students were instructed to discover for themselves what every exhibit portrays.
Exposure to the science centrum significantly influenced students in learning science principles as shown in every exhibit at the science centrum.
Exposure to the science centrum developed the students' positive attitude toward science.
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